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How to Fix HP Printer Error 59.F0

The HP printer error 59.F0 may be caused due to the failure in transfer alienation. Transfer alienation is a situation in which the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) gets stuck and does not fully rotate. Another possible reason for the error 59.F0 in the HP printer can be a problem with the SR9 sensor. The SR9 sensor plays a pivotal role in the transfer-roller-disengagement sensor which can also be called Sensor K. The 59.F0 Error can be eliminated by resetting the toner and the fuser assembly. You may also try revitalizing your HP device. In addition, you can check for any issue in the fuser motor as well as the internal motor.

We have further listed down all the probable causes and fixes for HP printer error 59.F0. We encourage you to read more with us.

Causes of the HP Printer Error 59.F0

The potential cause for the 59.F0 error to occur on your HP printer can be that the ITB is trapped and is not able to rotate freely. In addition to this, there may be also some issues with the SR9 sensor. Both of these components play a major role in the functioning of the printer machine. 

Here is a list of the other causes behind this error:

  • There may be a situation where the transfer alienation has failed. This can indicate that the ITB is not able to fully rotate. 
  • There can also be an issue with the SR9 sensor that needs to be addressed.
  • An issue might be there with the internal motor of your printer machine. 

Fixes for Error Code 59.F0 on Your HP Printer

The fixes for this error include resetting the fuser assembly and resetting the toner. You may also try to properly configure the ITB. Along with that, you may check that the sensor is correctly functioning. These simple actions can help you best in removing the error from your printing device.

If you wish to know more about these fixes, please read further. 

Fix 1:

Reset the Fuser Assembly

One of the simple solutions to rectify this error is to reset the fuser assembly. You can reset the fuser and toner assembly by turning off your HP printer. If you have connected any surge protector, then make sure to remove it before turning on the printer. 

We have listed the step-by-step instructions for you to easily perform this method. You can find them below:

  • Turn off your HP device for a few minutes.
  • If there is any surge protector connected to your printer machine, remove it. 
  • Turn on your printer after a while.
  • After your HP printer is revitalized, reset the fuser assembly by reinstalling it.
  • Run the sensor test in the sensor monitor mode to ensure that the primary transfer disengagement is functioning correctly. 
  • Perform the alienation drive. 

After you have done all the steps, take out a test print to check the print quality. The error would have been resolved through this fix.

Fix 2:

Reset the ITB

To fix the HP printer M477 error 59.F0, check all the internal connections of ITB such as the connection and the sensor. Also, you need to ensure that the ITB and the DC controller PCA are well-connected. If all the connections are stable, then reset the ITB.

You may follow the below-listed steps to reset the ITB:

  • Open the right door of the printer.
  • Grab the blue levers and pull the transfer belt assembly towards you at a downward angle.
  • Continue pulling out the belt until a set of 2 large handles pops free.
  • Now, hold the large handles on the transfer belt assembly and continue to pull the transfer belt until it is completely removed.
  • Install the new transfer belt in reverse order.
  • Do not touch the surface of the transfer belt while installing it. 
  • For resetting the “New Transfer Kit Setting”, go to the “Control Panel” and press the “Home” button. 
  • Open the “Administration” menu, and click on the “Manage Supplies” option.
  • Select the “Rest Supplies” option and then choose the “New Transfer Kit”.
  • Highlight the word “Yes” using the arrow keys, and then press “Ok”.

After you have successfully replaced the transfer belt, you can perform a full calibration. It helps in setting the color tones, the drums, and the color plane right.

Fix 3:

Test the ITB

You can test the ITB and the flag manually by rotating the ITB gear to fix the HP printer error 59.F0. Check for any fluctuation while you are rotating the white ITB gear. If the gear and flag are working perfectly fine, then check the SR9 sensor. You will find the sensor in the ITB Cavity in the Control Panel. Press the Home button and move down to highlight the Diagnostics menu to continue. 

We have written all the instructions involved in this method below:

  • Rotate the “ITB” gear.
  • Check for any fluctuation in the flag while you are rotating the white gear.
  • If there is any damage to the flag, you may replace the “ITB”.
  • In case the “ITB” is not damaged, check the “Sensor SR9”.
  • The “Sensor SR9” will be located inside the “ITB Cavity” in the “Control Panel”. Press the “Home” button and move down to highlight the “Diagnostics” menu using the arrow keys.
  • Click on the “Ok” button.
  • Choose the “Manual Sensor Test” option and click on “Ok”.

Release the SR9 flag that would be inside the ITB cavity. Check the display and you will get the sensor response when you press the flag. The sensor would be toggling between 0 and 1. In case this does not happen, you may need to replace the sensor. 

Fix 4:

Reset the HP Printer

If the HP printer error 59.F0 still remains unsolved, then you can try to reset the settings of your device to default. Restoring them to the default state will make your device as good as a new one. Then take out a sample print to make sure the issue is fixed.


After you thoroughly read this article, you learnt about the various causes of the HP printer error 59.F0 to show up. The reason for this error to occur can be a problem with the internal motor. Another likely reason for this issue to arise can be the transfer alienation has failed due to the incomplete rotation of the ITB and the flag. There may also be an issue with the sensor. The fixes for this issue include resetting the printer settings back to default. Resetting the fuser assembly and the ITB are also some of the fixes to resolve this error. We hope that you liked this article and would refer to it again in the future if this problem arises. If you also want to fix HP Printer In Error State. Then you can contact us via telephone or mail.

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