How To Setup Samsung Wireless Printer & Add Samsung Printer To Wireless Network

The printer market has a lot of players. HP and Samsung are two of the most sought-after brands for printers because their printers are durable, the printing quality is untouchable and the overall design is very beautiful and sturdy at the same time.

Samsung Wireless Printer Setup

Samsung has brought some amazing features in their line of printers. One of them is wireless printing. This basically allows you to connect your Samsung wireless printer to your laptop or PC and print remotely. For this to happen, you need to get a couple of things right.

The first and the foremost thing to do here is to look up and download the latest driver for your printer for add Samsung printer to wireless network. This will help you to connect your printer to the laptop or PC seamlessly. And the second thing is that you have a Wi-Fi with strong signals.

Follow these steps to complete the Samsung wireless printer setup:

STEP 1: Make sure that your laptop or PC is up to date and you have the latest driver for the printer installed on it.

STEP 2: Both the printer and the computer have a USB port. Connect the USB ports of the two devices using a USB cable.

STEP 3: After the connection is complete, launch the wireless setting application. In case you don’t have it, download it. The application goes by the name Easy Wireless Setup.

STEP 4: To establish communication between the printer, router and the computer, it is important to have this application. Launch the Easy wireless setup and click on “next” to proceed further.

STEP 5: To set up the wireless connection, you have to make a decision on how you want to do it; using a direct wireless connection or using a USB cable. Select the later and hit next.

STEP 6: Connect the computer and printer using a USB cable if you haven’t done yet. After the connection, the installation wizard looks up for any connected device. Try a different USB cable if a dialogue box appears saying “printer is not found”.

STEP 7: All the networks that the printer can catch will now appear on the screen. Select your network and hit next to proceed further. Samsung wireless printers are not capable of connecting to the 5GHz band. So, make sure that your router has a 2.4GHz bandwidth.  

STEP 8: Fill the network password with the correct key and click on next. After this, be patient and wait for the printer to connect to the network.

STEP 9: Samsung printers do come with Wi-Fi direct built into them. So, after the connection is established, a prompt message box will appear asking whether you would like to use Wi-Fi direct or not. Click on yes and fill the network password one more time.

STEP 10: After this,  the Samsung wireless printer setup process will complete as soon as you click “next” or “finish?”.

Try to print a test page to check if the printer is working wirelessly or not and if your are still facing an issue for Samsung wireless printer setup then you should contact printer support expert.

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