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How to Fix HP Printer In Error State

If ‘HP printer in error state’ pops up on the screen of our Windows or Mac iOS system, then you cannot print documents. It can be very hectic. If you are looking for the best solutions to fix HP printer in error state in several devices, this is the best guide to go through.

This much detailed guide will come in handy for all those troubled users who are looking for correct information on and all about HP printer Officejet Pro 8600 printer in an error state.

What Does HP Printer in Error State Mean?

HP printer in error state basically means that you can no longer print anything with the machine. The error occurs when there is any problem in the internal or external parts of the printer such as wires, connections, cartridges, and drivers among others.

What Causes HP Printer in Error State?

If you are also wondering why ‘my HP printer says its in error state’ then this section is useful for you. At times, the HP printer continues to show that there is a problem with the printer, either in hardware or software. There are several reasons behind it, some of the most possible ones are mentioned below: 

  1. System attacked by virus or malware 
  2. Cartridges left with no or low ink 
  3. If your printer isn’t properly connected or facing HP printer error state then, the corresponding device is not responding 
  4. Your HP printer has been corrupted
  5. Your paper tray is empty or there is less paper 
  6. At times, BIOS problem cause hamper in printer’s status and the printer goes in error state
  7. Internet connection problem or slow internet while printing 
  8. If your printer is not connected correctly to the computer
  9. When opening the printer cover and not attaching the printer
  10. Perhaps, also because updates are not compatible with new Windows 10/ iOS updates. As when you update a new version, printer drivers do not support it.
  11. In the Spool, corrupt data gives rise to this situation. The reason could also be that the ‘Printer Spooler’ services Are choked and terminated on bad data. Hence, it stops running correctly or fails to answer to your command.
  12. Often HP printer in error state also causes dirt, scratches, or papers stuck in the printer paper tray. 

Now that you have known what is the reason, why is HP printer in error state, and what is the case, you can test and solve this problem accordingly. Follow the correct troubleshooting methods to rectify the glitch.

Consequences of HP Printer in Error State Issue

You can only be able to resolve such a complicated issue if you understand the error better. In the above section, we learned about the reasons for this failure in HP printers. Now, go through the below-mentioned points and know what are the consequences of HP printer in error state Windows 8 or any other computing devices. 

  1. You might get the signal that software is not supported for your device.
  2. You will not be able to see your printer in your Windows or Mac system, or you get the missing ‘HP printer’ notification.
  3. Your Mac or Windows device shows some other HP printer related issues.
  4. You may experience the above-mentioned issues when your HP printer in error state. After knowing what causes the HP printer issue and what could be the consequences, you must try the mentioned solutions to deal with it. Here you go.

How to Fix HP Printer In Error State on Windows 10

Give a read to the below-mentioned easy and effective methods to resolve the HP printer in error state. The enlisted method can be applied to only the Windows operating system of any version. Now, stick to this page and implement one or more of the following methods to get your printer on work. 

Fix 1:

Restart Your HP Printer And Device 

If you restart your connected device, the error state can be eliminated in your HP printer. Follow the enlisted steps and reboot both the devices to resume your printing work. 

Restart your Windows device 

  • Go to the ‘Windows’ icon on your and click on ‘Start’ 
  • Navigate towards the ‘Power’ icon and expand the options towards the upwards 
  • Click on the ‘Power Off’ and switch off your Windows operating system
  • Press long on the ‘Power’ button of your Windows system for a few seconds 
  • Let the system turn on again

Restart your HP Printer 

  • Disconnect the power cord from the HP printer’s rear with the printer switched on. 
  • Remove the wall-outlet power cord. 
  • Wait 15 seconds to start 
  • Plug back the power cord into the wall outlet.

Note: After turning off both the devices, wait for a while, and give your devices some rest. Then, follow the listed instructions to turn them on. This process may help you fix the HP printer in error state in Windows 10.

Fix 2:

Check HP Printer Status 

If you have set your printer status in ‘Work Offline’, then your no document will print on paper. Working offline means your printer has gone to sleep. Follow the below-mentioned steps and check your HP printer whether it is working Offline or Online.  

  • Open your Windows operating system and click on the ‘Start’ button 
  • Navigate your cursor towards the ‘Control Panel’ and click on it to open 
  • Find and double-click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ folder 
  • Check if the connected HP printer is Offline or Online. 
  • In case your HP printer is working ‘Online’, then you will see ‘Ready’ in the status and you will know that this is not the reason why your HP printer in error state.
  • If your printer is set on ‘Working Offline’, then set it back on ‘Working Online’ by right-clicking on Printer and selecting the ‘Use Printer Online’ option. 

On applying the above-mentioned instructions, the status of your device will be changed from ‘Offline’ to ‘Online’ and HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer in an error state will also be possibly fixed. 

Fix 3:

Check the HP Printer Paper Tray

Make sure the paper tray is filled with papers to print. Before you do so, turn your HP printer off. Turn on your printer back and wait until it comes into the state of printing. Now, check if your HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer in an error state. If you find that your printer is not printing then, follow the instructions mentioned below. 

  1. Turn aside and take out the printer’s paper tray and check if it is loaded with enough papers.
  2. Go to the HP printer’s display and click on the ‘Try Status’ and expand the options to select ‘Paper Selection’ further 
  3. Select the ‘Paper Size’ and ‘Paper Type’ to print the document. Check the ‘Type of Paper’ that is set for the machine’s ‘Bypass Tray’ and check that paper of that type was filled into the bypass tray, and then select the type of paper that is appropriate.
  4. If in the ‘paper Selection’, the ‘Paper Type’ is not set as ‘Auto-Select’, follow the enlisted steps 
    • Go to the ‘System Settings’ and select the option of ‘Settings Mode’ 
    • Choose the tab of ‘Printer Settings’ and select the option of ‘Bypass Tray Settings’ 

If the HP printer paper tray is not loaded by papers or paper size and type is not different from what is set in the printer driver then, the HP printer in error state will occur. Nevertheless, after trying the above method keeping the important thing in mind, the error will be resolved. 

Fix 4:

Check The Printer’s Connection 

Last but most important thing is ‘Internet Connection’, the connection between your Windows system and printer via the internet is not strong, you will encounter HP Printer in Error State windows 10. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check your HP printer connection. 

  • Start your Windows system and go to the ‘Control Panel’. 
  • Choose the option of ‘Printer and Devices’ to open the folder 
  • Navigate towards the ‘Network Settings’ (Network Setup in some versions of Windows) and click on it 
  • Head to the ‘Print Network Configuration’ Page and print the network test report. 

After this, you must have tested your printer connection. If your printer connection is poor, repair your connection or switch on to another strong network. Once the connection is back online, you will automatically get rid of HP printer error. 

How to Fix HP Printer In Error State In Macbook

If you are a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod user, and facing connectivity issues with your HP printer then, we can understand, it must be really annoying. 

At times, even Apple device users experience problems in their HP printer including HP printer in error state. While facing such problems, your printer will fail in printing out your documents and even images.

To get rid of this error, implement the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot an HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer in an error state in Mac or other iOS devices. 

Fix 1:

Restart HP Printer and Mac Devices 

If you have an Air-Print printer in your Mac or another iOS device that has encountered an error (HP printer in error state), just make sure that your printer is connected to the same WiFi network you use for your Mac or iOS device. Follow the subsequent steps to fix the printing issues you are facing: 

  • Restart the Wi-Fi router, switch on and off your power button and restart the printer by holding the power button for 20 seconds. 
  • You will get your printer nearer to the Wi-Fi router so the connection gets stronger. 
  • Update the latest version of your Wi-Fi and Printer by downloading and installing their updates one by one. 
  • Afterwards, update your Mac or iOS device software as well and connect three of them altogether.

After following the instructions, you will the issue on Mac or iOS devices. Now, print your desired document or image onto the paper easily. 

Fix 2:

Manual Way to Fix HP Printer In Error State

If you are facing HP printing errors or your AirPrint is not working, you can follow the easy to execute step-by-step guide

  • Remove your printer cable which is connected to your Macbook or disconnect it from ‘Network Settings’ if you have a wireless HP printer.
  • Now, press on the power button of the printer to turn it off 
  • As a part of updates, head to the ‘Updates’ section of Mac and get the new software update for your system.
  • Also, download the latest software for your HP printer and install it 

(if your printer manufacturer provides an update, there is no need to download the latest printer software separately.)

  • Switch on your HP printer and wait for it to start. 
  • Now reconnect with your printer with Mac or another iOS device.
  • open Macbook and navigate towards the ‘Apple Menu’ and click on the ‘System preferences’ 
  • Find and choose the ‘Printers and Scanners’ and double-click on it to open 
  • Select the Name of your HP printer’ from the given list and add it to your Mac device. 

(If you don’t find your HP printer by its name in the given list then, click the ‘+’ at the bottom of the list, and choose the command to add a ‘Printer and Scanner’)

  • Once the printer is connected, go to any document and give a print command to test if you are still facing the HP Officejet pro 8600 Printer in an error state in your Macbook device.

After following the several methods you will be able to get your printer back on work. We hope that the instructions given were easy to execute and you did not fail while executing them. In case you are left with any query, contact our tech experts and let them handle it. 

FAQs Related to HP Printer in Error State

You may be able to get your HP printer out of the error state by ensuring that you have chosen the device as your default printer. Also, make sure that the printer is not offline. Another possibility for this error may be that there are too many spooler services running in the background.

On Windows 10, you can resolve the error by opening the “Printer Troubleshoot” option. Search for “Troubleshoot” in the “Troubleshoot Settings”. Then open the “Settings” and choose the printer. Click on the “Run the Troubleshooter” button to continue.

Your HP printer might be in an error state because of some issues in the printer itself. Ensure that your printer is connected to a stable internet connection. Check for any loose cable connections between the printer and your system. Another likely reason can be the low ink in the ink cartridge.

If the HP printer displays an error in the printing, then there may be an obstruction in the carriage path. There can also be a need for you to reset your device. You can do that by restarting it. Another cause for this error to occur can be the loose cables attached to your printer and the system.

The error in the HP printer on Mac can get fixed by removing as well as re-adding your printer to the device. Additionally, you can try resetting the print system. Your printer may not be connected to the system that is why it may be in the error state. Try manually connecting the printer by creating an IP connection with your system.

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