Lexmark Printer Support

Whenever we talk about printers, the only brand that comes into our mind is Lexmark. Lexmark, founded in 1991, is among the renowned brands, which designs innovative solutions and technologies to assists its clients all over the world. It also deals in printers and print supply operations. Lexmark offers the best printers at affordable prices, which are easy to use and configure. Whether you choose printers for schools, offices, home, or colleges, Lexmark printers are considered as best among all other brands.

Lexmark printer support

As you know that, the technical gadgets are more likely to receive faults and errors. Therefore, they require continuous maintenance, support and updating. Similarly, you may face some technical issues while using printers, as they are also a type of technical gadgets. However, the troubleshooting process of printers requires highly skilled personnel, which have all the required expertise. Hence, it is better to contact the Lexmark printer support instead of contacting any local engineer or third party vendor.

Some of the common issues, which arises in Lexmark printers:

  • Paper Jams: The Paper Jam is one of the inevitable problems that arise while working with a printer. It is the common problem with most of the printers. There are sensors in the printers to detect the movement of paper along the way. If any of the sensors fail to detect such movement of paper, it halts the process and reports a condition known as Jam.
  • Issues while filling Ink Cartridge: Facing problem while filling or changing the ink cartridge of the printer is another issue that arises very commonly. It causes a lot of problems while changing the cartridge.
  • Printing Faded Pages: Sometimes we observe that the printer is printing faded pages. It might be due to the wrong configuration of the printer. Also, check whether the Economode is active or not. In some cases, this problem also arises due to low toner or an ink.
  • Missing Driver Error Message: The drivers are the software, which enables computer and printer to communicate with each other. Most printers come with supporting drivers for almost all operating systems. However, there are few printers, which does not contain drivers for a specific operating system such as Mac OS.
  • Slow Printing Speed: This is one of the rare issues, which arises in Lexmark printers. Try to print with lower quality configuration and check again. If the problem persists, you need to contact the Lexmark printer support team in order to get this problem resolve.
  • Ghosting: It can be defined as the situation in which you can see a duplicate image along with the original image that the user wants to print. This situation arises due to the failure of the drum or ink kit. You need to replace the faulty components in order to resolve this issue. While, in some cases, this problem arises due to the improper power supply.
  • Print Job sent to the Wrong Printer: Sometimes, it happens that the operating system deletes your default printer settings. This condition generally occurs due to the updation of the operating system. In this case, you need to reset the default printer again.
  • Too Expensive Print Cartridges: The print cartridges of Lexmark printers are too costly as compared to cartridges of other companies.       

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, there are some other problems as well, which occurs in Lexmark printers. It includes problems like printer refused to connect to the WiFi network or unable to install printer drivers and more.

To get rid of such issues, one requires best Lexmark printer technical support. Lexmark is also popular for its 24*7 customer support. In case, you face any problem related to the Lexmark printers, you can contact the Lexmark Printer Support. You will get 24*7 support from the technical team of Lexmark. We will provide you with some useful contact numbers, and email IDs in order to get instant help from Lexmark Customer Support.

Lexmark Printers Customer Care Numbers

You can dial toll-free number 1-800-Lexmark in order to contact Lexmark customer care. In addition to this, you can also drop an email at helpdesk@lexmark.com, in case of any queries. The registered office of Lexmark is located at Lexington, Kentucky, United States.

International & USA
Lexmark International, Inc.
740 W. New Circle Road
Lexington, KY 40550
Tel: +1-859-232-2000

Lexmark International, Inc.
125 Commerce Valley Drive West
Suite 600
Markham, ON,  L3T 7W4
Tel: +1 (905) 763-0560

In case you have, any doubt or query related to the specific model of the Lexmark printer, then follow the given link:

Click here to find Lexmark printer support

This link will take you to the Lexmark Customer Support web-page, where you can find information specific to the products. You need to enter the model number or any other information in order to discover a solution.

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5 years ago

Totally satisfied with the lexmark customer service. The printer is less than a year old and had multiple minor issues with it. Intermittent connection issues and print failure while half way through the printing. I always thought the issue was with my lexmark printer and was thinking about returning it. That one call to the lexmark printer customer support number before returning this printer changed my whole perception. The lexmark customer support took control of my laptop and found out that the problem was not with the printer but due with the wifi signal interference. he changed the wifi signal channels online and now everything is great. There is no connection drop and the internet speed seems a lot better than before. One of the best technical support i ever came across. !!!

Jober Jos
5 years ago

My lexmark printer use to print great but these past few weeks the printing speed has decreased and so has the alignment of the print, it is totally off. I think it has to do something with the hardware of the printer causing this issue. I have tried contacting the lexmark customer service and they want me to bring the printer to the service store. There is no lexmark service store where i stay, is there any other way i can get help?

5 years ago

Really in debt to lexmark customer service. This lexmark printer is very old printer that belongs to my uncle who passed away recently. The printer would not power up and we did not know what to do. There is no printer repair service store near us and our only option was fixing it over the phone. The customer service did a very good job in bringing this printer back to life which meant a lot to us. Kudos to the lexmark customer service team. Thank you so much.

5 years ago

lexmark printer is not getting connected to the wifi again. I have previously contact a local lexmark printer customer service number and they fixed this issue number. Today my computer started with a windows is updating message and now the printer can no longer connect. Help me . what should i do now?

5 years ago

I bought a new lexmark printer today and it did not come with a user manual on how to set up and use the printer. This is totally new to me, coming from HP printers to lexmark printer, the settings looks very different. All it came with it was a small two page manual on where to connect the power cables to the printer. Seriously like no one would have guess it, if they did not show those images on how to wire it. I was not in mood to contact the support the day i got a new printer. But thanks for sending a box with only the printer in it, I had to make a call to the lexmark customer service to help me connect it, which by the way took more than an hour. I am already frustrated with this printer even before using it. Why can’t lexmark just provide the manual on how to connect it wired or wireless, saving more time for me and the technical support agent. I just hope this printer does not cause any problems cause if it does, i am just throwing it out of the window.

5 years ago

My lexmark printer continuously gives me errors when I attempt to scan and send a document via email. I am not sure but could it be due to the SMTP settings? Should i contact the lexmark customer service or can this issue be resolved by my own

5 years ago

I do not have the cd for my lexmark printer, actually i have lost the cd that came along when i purchased the printer. Can i order for a new cd by contacting the lexmark customer service number or will i be able to purchase the cd from a local tech shop?