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We will help you choose the best combinations of features, performance, and affordability for your business. You can find a comprehensive range of products at Xerox starting from printers and scanners to all in ones. We understand that customers’ needs are evolving and we try to evolve our products to meet their requirements. We work with the motivation to bring the best quality products capable of delivering stupendous performance. Xerox Printer Support is your one support agency for prime brands of printers that are used in almost every field, from small shops to bigger malls, from school to colleges to corporate offices. We make sure that it backs you up constantly with our 24*7 services. We have maintained our product quality high and the performance of our printers in untouchable in every aspect.

Xerox Printer Support:

We provide our customers with a feasible solution within the minimum turnaround time.

We provide remedies for all types of printer problems and for all printers. At Printerssupport24X7, we are highly devoted to providing our customers with the best technical support service for their printers. Our technicians are skilled and have an extensive experience in repairing and resolving all of your technical issues with this excellence in this field. Our effort is to help you reap maximum benefits from the printer. No matter how big or small the problem is, we will be more than pleased to help you out.


  • We are available 24X7, 365 days a year. No week-offs and no holidays!
  • We are always there to assist you.
  • You will have the best technicians at your service.
  • We offer you a plethora of plans and prices to suit your needs and budget.
  • We are reliable, efficient and you can have an instant access to all of our certified technicians.
  • We provide you with the solutions and information for all the Printers brand.
  • Genuine follow-up procedure to handle your printer problems.

When hardware or software do not perform accordingly, the delays are costly and frustrating. Let’s discuss some of the common issues faced by the users and the quick-fix that we provide you with:

  • The endless paper chase.

Slow print time can be caused because of the high-resolution setting, low memory issue, or choice of drivers. High-resolution images have more data for your PC, which can cause slow print times.

  • Paper jams.

The paper jam is is the nightmare of all printers. We provide you with video assistance and lighted interiors to make jam clearance a snap. It could be either a misaligned paper or a stuck paper. Make sure the paper is positioned correctly and that it is supported by your printer well.

  • Installation support for Xerox printer and associated software.

Any problem you face during configuring its settings with your computer for hassle-free performance. Our technical Xerox printer support engineers will help you to conveniently install your new Xerox printer and all the associated software for your printer’s performance.

  • Issues in refilling cartridge.

Refilling the ink cartridge is a complex task and sometimes can be filthy as well with the ink spilling all around. This problem is pretty widespread and may cause a distressed situation.

  • Support to install, reinstall, and update drivers.

You need to maintain your printer by updating the drivers timely. Our technicians will help you find appropriate and compatible drivers for the well-working of your printer.

  • Online setup assistance for Xerox printers.

Problems and queries can arise while configuring Xerox printer. To solve the same, you can contact our technicians of Xerox printer support. They are well versed with the specifications of different printer models and can resolve your configuration related queries in a jiffy.

  • Xerox online service for correction of below quality outputs.

Sometimes you may experience a low performance from the printer. The print may come out to be faded or the ink may smudge or the colors may appear to be washed out. The immediate cause of this problem could be low ink in the cartridge or the printer could be out of toner but, it could be a result of any other problem as well. In such a situation, we’ll be more than happy to help you.

  • Contact Xerox online customer care service for network issues.

Our technicians can also fix network and printer connectivity issues.

Xerox Customer Support:

You can reach out to us easily through various communication channels and can expect an instant solution. You can contact us through email, over a phone call or via our chat support.

Phone Support: Call our toll-free number 1-866-496-0452 today for remote tech support for your printer.

Chat Support: Break the language barrier with the all new Chat Now feature. Our experts will take the remote of your computer to help fix your issues pertaining to printing. You will not be required to sandwich your phone between your hands and head at all.

Email Support: Drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you right away.

The above mentioned modes of customer support are active 24 x 7. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your printer problem of any magnitude. Our technicians will be very pleased to resolve your problem. Along with superior 24×7 printer support, we also have outstanding onsite printer support.

People either in small businesses or in a huge enterprise use printers necessarily for their paperwork. Xerox printer are extensively used in every industry. They are multi-purpose and many lives are benefited from their use. Almost everyone using them has had a positive review about the Xerox printers.

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5 years ago

I own a Xerox ColorQube A4 Solid Ink Printer and it has served me very well these past few years but with constant use and age, the printing quality of this printer has decrease. Nowadays on some document prints the printer just prints really bad looking prints and i want to know if i can fix this. Do i have to call the xerox printer customer service toll free number or do i need to take this printer to the service store and get it fix? This printer is very dear to me and i want to know if i can fix this printer like a brand new before i pull the plug on this one. thanks

Danielle M
5 years ago

We own a small business shop and the xerox printer we have is just three months old. And in these 3 months, we print about 100 pages per day and i can’t understand how a brand like xerox, the print quality will degrade so bad. We used genuine xerox ink toners and the printer is kept in a dust free environment how is this possible? We contact the xerox printer toll free number and they asked us to bring in the printer for service but how can we do that? We need the printer for our daily business and when asked about sending in a temporary printer while our printer was being serviced they said rejected saying none is available now. One of the most unprofessional technical support, it was better to have purchased a hp printer than xerox printers.

5 years ago

My xerox printer will not switch on. I have unplugged and reinserted the power cables, change the cable with another printer power cable but no luck. This printer is 2-3 year old but not more than that. What could be causing this? I tried calling the xerox printer toll free number but there is no respond. Where can i find online support for this printer?

5 years ago

My xerox printer is fixed and running smooth now. Thanks. I would definitely call your toll free number if any problem comes up with my xerox printers again.

5 years ago

We have a xerox laser printer and we have given the xerox printer for repairs. The printer will be returned in the next day or two. and i would like to know if you guys can provide us the xerox printer drivers so that we can download and install it

5 years ago

I own a xerox 1012 copier but i heard there are different support number for different printer model number. So which xerox printer toll free number should i call for this model?