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How to Setup HP Printer Default Password

For some users, setting up an HP printer default password is a mystery more difficult to crack than the Da Vinci Codes. But don’t worry. To fix it all you need is this guide right here that will turn you into a tech Sherlock Holmes and boost your productivity by double. So here we go:   

Note: In this guide, HP printer default password has also been written occasionally as HP printer default admin password. This guide comes in handy to users trying to set up HP laser printer default password and HP printer 2545 WiFi default password as well.

Steps to Set up HP Printer Default Admin Password

To set up a new HP printer password, you must know the existing HP printer default password. Hence, the process includes two phases: finding and setting up. Let’ go through these one by one: 

Phase 1:

Find HP Printer Default Admin Password

Note: For those who already know their HP printer default admin password of the printer, can skip the first phase and implement the steps of the second phase directly. 

  • Start your PC and search for the ‘Control Panel’ section from the ‘Start’ menu options.  
  • On the Control Panel window, click on the ‘Network Menu’ expand its option. 
  • Select the ‘Wireless’ tab and open its ‘Settings’ window. Then, hover over the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’. 
  • Select your Wireless connection from the available options. Enter the password (WEP, WPA2, or WPA) in the required tab. 
  • In the next window, you will see the HP printer WiFi direct default password and username. You must note it down or copy the password for future. 

Phase 2:

Setup a New HP Printer Default Admin Password

Now, with the help of the existing HP printer default password, we will set up a new password for your HP printer. Here’s how: 

  • Go to your HP printer and click on the ‘Home’ button near the screen.
  • On the Home screen, use the arrow buttons and click on the ‘Setup’ option. 
  • Press on the ‘Network’ option from the Setup menu. 
  • You must be able to see a ‘Restore Network Defaults’ option, click on it. 
  • Hover over the ‘Start’ button on your PC and expand the options. 
  • Click right and hit the ‘Devices and Printers’ option to open its window. 
  • Double-click on the ‘HP printer’ icon and open its settings. 
  • Choose the ‘Properties’ option from the right-click options. 
  • Arrive on the ‘Password’ window, by clicking on it. 
  • Navigate towards the ‘Change’ option and enter the current HP printer default password and its username. 
  • Then, you will be allowed to set up a new password. Enter a unique code as per your choice. 
  • At last, click on the ‘Save new HP wireless printer default password’ and your new password will be set up. 

So that’s it! We hope this guide helped you with the setting up of the HP printer default password. Setting up the HP default password is necessary to ensure complete safety and protection to your account. 

If there is any doubt on your mind regarding any step aforementioned, we request you to drop us a comment below. 

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