How to Reset Canon Printer TS3122

How to Reset Canon Printer TS3122

Canon printers typically come with inbuilt indicators to perceive the level of the ink in the cartridges and limit the device from functioning while the level of the ink reaches a precarious level. In certain situations, your Canon printer may be unsuccessful to reset appropriately when you change the cartridge. This usually happens when you refill the cartridge of the printer, instead of substituting the blank cartridge with a new one. In case your printer is not reset when the cartridge is installed, you can do it without any hassle.

You may get issues related to the Canon printer that might annoy you like anything. If this happens, you will surely need the answer to how to reset my canon ts3122 printer to factory settings! Even though you can get in touch with the expert team of Canon support as they will help you can sort out all your queries in no time or you can check out the following to learn more:

How to Factory Reset Canon Printer TS3122?

The Canon printer menu provides you with access to the options for factory reset. By using this option, you can return all settings to the factory stipulations. For more details look at the following:

Reset Ink Cartridge

Continue reading to know how to reset the Canon printer TS3122 ink cartridge. When you fit the ink cartridge, the printer will guide you for the realignment of the cartridge before allowing you to move further. You should perform the menu prompts for the realignment process and print a sheet as a sample. In general, a refilled ink cartridge creates a reset issue for the printers but thankfully, there are several ways to fix it. When you need the answer to how to reset canon printer TS3122, then you should ask your provider to use the BCH technology to reset the printer’s ink cartridge.

Essential Steps to Reset Your Canon TS3122 Printer

To know how to reset a Canon printer, check out the following essential steps:

Reset Your Canon Printers to Factory Settings  

Resetting your Canon printer to its default factory settings will reinstate the device back to its original state by clearing all the previous settings and stipulations. This would also need you to connect your Canon printer to the network and set up the whole setup process again. Even though it is the finest way to get rid of the error messages and issues, you can do the following for factory reset:

  • Turn your Canon printer on and go to the main menu
  • Now, access the directional arrows to go to the setup menu options
  • Go to the “DEVICE SETTINGS” and then click on the “OK” button
  • Lastly, choose “RESET SETTINGS” option and then OK to begin with the process

Reset Your Canon TS3122 Printer Ink Cartridge

When you refill or reinstall the ink cartridge on your printer, you can face reset issues. But there are numerous countless ways to sort out this issue – the most common method is as per the BCH technology. To reset the device on your own, you can follow the steps listed below:

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  • Turn your printer off
  • Hit the “POWER” button by pressing the STOP button at the same time
  • Now, leave the STOP button for a few seconds
  • Press the POWER button and STOP button together twice
  • After 20-30 seconds, your printer will show the O on the display screen
  • Hit the STOP BUTTON 4 times before clicking on the POWER button two times
  • Tap the POWER button again to turn your device off. This will finish the RESET process
  • Reset your ink cartridge by releasing the power and USB cable of the device
  • Now, open the door of the ink cartridge by pressing the POWER button and connect the cable one more time with the POWER button is clicked
  • Lastly, shut the door of the cartridge and put down the power button
What should be done if the issue still persists?

If you have already followed the aforementioned steps of how to reset the Canon Pixma printer, then do not worry! You can directly connect with Canon support by connecting with them on their customer support service number and talk to the dedicated professionals. They will help you find the answers to canon ts3122 printer ink. Additionally, they will guide you throughout the process so that all your queries will be resolved promptly.

You can also find here a detailed guide for Reset Canon Pixma Printer.

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