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How to Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error

The HP printer supply memory error may occur when your printer is not able to detect the toner cartridge that you have installed in it. The cartridge you have inserted into your HP printer may be incompatible. Several other reasons for the issue may include broken pieces of plastic in the toner, an older version of the printer software, protective strips that you have not removed, etc. You can clear the supply memory error in HP printers by connecting the metal contacts that are in the toner, removing any protective strips or paper jammed in the cartridge, and updating the firmware of the printer. 

We have listed down all the possible causes and fixes for this HP printer error in this article. You can read the complete article to form your understanding of this error.

What is the Supply Memory Error on HP Printers?

A supply memory error may show up on your printer’s Control Panel when it does not connect with the contacts that are found inside. The printer machine also detects that there is no toner cartridge. The error may be caused after you have replaced an empty cartridge with new toner. 

Causes of the HP Printer 10.1000 Supply Memory Error

The causes of the memory supply error in HP printers have been listed below:

  • There may be packaging plastic or protective strips which you may not have removed.
  • There may be paper jammed in the paper tray.
  • Broken metal contacts present in the toner cartridge can be another probable reason for the supply memory error to show up.
  • Sometimes, this issue may occur on your printer when you are using out-of-date firmware. 

How to Fix the Supply Memory Error on HP Printers?

The method to resolve the Supply Memory Error in HP Printer includes removing any packaging that may be stuck in the cartridge. Also, make sure that there are no protective strips in the toner cartridge. You can remove any broken metal contacts which may be stopping your printer to detect the new toner cartridge. 

Below is a more detailed explanation of how you can follow all these methods to fix the supply memory error.

Fix 1:

Remove All the Packing Material 

This particular issue can also be caused when there is some packing material sticking to the printer. 

You can remove it by following these 13 instructions.

  • Open the cartridge door.
  • Lift the paper packing material up but do not remove it.
  • Take out the print cartridge packing material.
  • Remove the print cartridge carefully and make sure no damage is done to it.
  • Then, remove the packing material from the printer. 
  • Check for an orange clip and orange sealing tape. 
  • Pull the orange clip until it gets separated from the print cartridge.
  • Slowly move the print cartridge back and forth to evenly distribute the toner.
  • Slightly bend the tab from the left side of the print cartridge until the tab breaks from it. 
  • Pull the tab to remove all the sealing tape from it.
  • Insert the print cartridge. Make sure you do not spill the ink on your clothes.
  • Close the print cartridge door.
  • Check the printer’s “Control Panel” for any error messages.

Note: If you spill the toner on your clothes, quickly wipe it off using a dry cloth and then wash it in cold water. Do not wash the cloth with hot water. It can set the toner into the fabric.

Fix 2:

Properly Connecting the Metal Contacts

For your printer to detect the toner cartridge, there will be 2 metal contacts that need to come in contact with it. The metal contacts in the printer and the ones that are on the toner complete a circuit. In case they are not touching, the printer will think that the toner is not installed. 

There are instructions given below so that you can easily execute the above method:

  • Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Remove the toner cartridge from your HP printer.
  • Look for the metal contacts. They would look like microchips or metal squares.
  • Gently connect the metal contacts inside the printer. 
  • When the contacts are connected, pull them forward slightly.

Once the metal contacts are correctly connected your printer will recognize the new toner cartridge that you have installed.

Fix 3:

Replace the Toner Cartridge 

In case the toner cartridge has been damaged from one of the sides, the plastic slots may be broken off and it won’t properly fit into the printer. Thus, leading to the contacts not being correctly connected. In this case, you need to replace the toner cartridge with a new one. 

If you don’t know how to replace the toner cartridge, you can do that by following the given instructions:

  • Open the print cartridge door and lift the scanner assembly.
  • Here you will see the old print cartridge. Remove it. 
  • Take out the new print cartridge from its packaging.
  • Make sure you remove the orange clip from the print cartridge.
  • Completely remove the sealing tape.
  • Grab the print cartridge from both sides and distribute the toner evenly on the print cartridge.
  • Install the print cartridge. 
  • Shut the scanner assembly and close the print cartridge door.

Fix 4:

Update the Printer’s Firmware

The printer gets a firmware update regularly along with a software update also. If your HP printer is running on the older version, you may come across this issue. You can download the updated software from HP’s official website. Once you have updated the software, it may be able to resolve your issue. 


After going through the article, you came to know about the causes of the HP printer supply memory error. It includes various reasons like jammed paper, broken plastic pieces, and an outdated version of the software in your printer. Another likely cause for this error can be the metal contacts not being connected properly. The fixes to this issue required you to update your firmware, properly connect the metal contacts, and replace your damaged toner cartridge. If you found this article helpful then please share it with others as well. If you also want to fix HP Printer Fuser Error. Then you can contact us via telephone or mail. to keep your HP printer error-free.

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