Want to eliminate the Error B200 on your own? Do not worry as troubleshooting the Canon printers is facile and error b200 being a common issue is encountered many a time on canon printers.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error b200

Troubleshooting the Canon printer error b200 is quite easy. As the canon printers come in two forms that are either with 2 or with 4+ cartridges, similarly the solutions for fixing both these types are different. The following solutions let you fix the issue of Canon Pixma mg5320 printer error b200 and even of Canon Pixma mp620 printer error b200.

Fixing 4+ Cartridge Canon printers

If you are facing an error b200 and you have a 4+ cartridge canon printer, try following the below steps to eliminate the error.

Step 1: Start with opening the top cover of the printer; this would automatically make the cartridge cradle to lift up as the cradle lifts remove all the cartridges from the printer.

Step 2: After removing the cartridges of the printer, the next step is to remove the printhead. This can be easily removed by lifting the lever which is located next to the cartridge cradle.

Step 3: After gently removing the printhead, you need to reinsert the printhead and make sure that you have locked the lever.

Step 4: After re-inserting the printhead the next step is to reinsert all the cartridges back into the position properly and make sure that no door is left open. The closure of doors assures that the printers are ready to access the cartridges and the printhead.

Step 5: After inserting everything and ensuring that the doors are closed, you need to unplug the printer chord from the electricity board and leave it like that for 5 or more minutes. This ensures that the printer is cooling down and the excessive electrical energy is removed.

Step 6: At this step plug in the chord again.

Step 7: The last step to ensure that the error b200 is removed is to start the cleaning cycle or test an extensive nozzle check.

Fixing Canon printers having 2 cartridges

Stuck with an Canon printer error b200? Does your printer have 2 cartridges? The following steps would surely relieve your tension to eliminate the error b200 from your printer.

Step 1: The first step is to turn off the printer; this is for the fact that the cartridge cradle of such printers gets stuck during the Error B200. And returning is the best option.

Step 2: Now, turn the printer on again.

Step 3: The error b200 never indicates the faulty cartridge. Thus, you should always have a rough estimate about the last removed cartridge and remove it from the slot.

Step 4: Having a two cartridge printer means that the printhead is the part of the cartridge. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the problematic cartridge as without it the error b200 cannot be prevented. Thus, replace the faulty cartridge with functioning old one or a new one.

Step 5: This is the most crucial step that lets you know whether you have replaced the desired cartridge. This can be done through a cleaning cycle or an extensive nozzle check.

Step 6: If the error is still unresolved, try replacing the other cartridge with the old functioning one or a new cartridge. As there are 2 cartridges, so checking both the cartridge one by one might resolve the issue.

Hope the solutions provided in both the cases might help you resolve the issue of Canon printer error b200. If the problem still persists, it is recommended that you should stay in touch with the Canon help centre or any Canon printer support technician.

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