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How to Fix HP 60.02 Error

The HP 60.02 error is one of the common problems on these printers and may come up due to the incorrect installation of the input tray. This error may also lead to a loud noise before you take out any printing job. The fix you can execute to rectify the 60.02 error on your HP printer can require you to reinstall the input tray. Other probable reasons for the HP 60.02 error code include a broken spring, folds in the paper sheet, improper functioning of the paper sensor, etc. 

In this article, we have listed the causes and the fixes for the error message 60.02 in detail. We have also listed the HP models on which you can implement these fixes. If you are curious to know more about the 60.02 error on HP LaserJet Printers, please further read this article.

What are the Causes of 60.02 Error on an HP Printer?

The HP printer error 60.02 may be showing up on your device because of the improper installation of the paper sheets in the tray. This may result in the folding of sheets in the paper tray. Let us now have a look at the other reasons which might be causing the error:

  • The sheet of paper that is in contact with the input tray may be having folds in it due to which the 60.02 error may be showing.
  • There may be some issues with the lift motor or the paper tray.
  • You may also check the spring that is connected with the top of the lift motor for any damage. A broken spring may also be one of the causes of the HP 60.02 error.
  • Another cause for this particular error to occur may be that the paper sensor is taking too long to start its functioning. 

As we have talked about the causes, we should move to the section of fixes to know how to resolve such an error.

How to Fix the HP 60.02 Error Code?

If you wish to resolve the HP 60.02 error, then you can try reinstalling the paper tray of your printer. We also suggest that you check the paper tray and the lift motor. If they are found to be damaged you may want to replace them. Also, make sure that you have placed your HP machine on a clean and flat surface.

You can read more if you want to know about the fixes that can be executed in order to resolve the 60.02 error on your HP printer machine.

Fix 1:

Reinstall the Paper Tray into Your Device

The 60.02 error may have shown up because the paper sheets may have been installed in the wrong way. To correctly reinstall the input tray, you need to take out all the paper sheets as well as the tray. Carefully, again keep the sheets in the tray ensuring that the alignment of all the paper sheets is correct. 

You can follow the directions given here for properly reinstalling the input tray:

  • Open the “Paper Tray” of the HP Printer.
  • Remove all the sheets from the tray and place them on a clean surface.
  • Pull out the “Input Tray” from your device.
  • Again, place the sheets in the tray.
  • Insert the tray back into the machine.
  • In case, you see a message displaying “Out of Paper” on your printer’s screen, properly align the back piece of the paper. 
  • When it is done, insert the sheets again.
  • Finally, take out a test print just to be sure that the error has been resolved.

Fix 2:

Reinstall the Spring on Your HP Printer

A broken spring may be the reason for the 60.02 error on your device. This may also cause problems with the gear of the paper tray. You can replace the spring with a new one to resolve this error. You can find the spring on the top of the lift motor towards the right-hand side cover of the HP device. 

If you want to know how to replace the spring in the correct manner, then you can go through the below-given instructions:

  • Open the cover of the printer from the right side.
  • See the lift motor now. The spring will be connected to the top of the motor.
  • Gently take out the spring.
  • Fold one coil that was attached to the spring.
  • Put the spring and coil back into their original positions.

Fix 3:

Replace the Paper Tray/Lift Motor

If you find that the spring of your HP printer is not broken, then you may try replacing the paper tray or the lift motor of your HP printer. Since this is an essential part of your device, replacing it with a working one will be ideal. After replacing this part, the HP 60.02 error may have been fixed. 

Fix 4:

Keep Your HP Device on a Flat Surface

There may be a possibility that your device is kept on an angle. This may also be stopping the tray from lifting up. Consequently, you may be seeing the 60.02 error on your HP printer. You need to make sure that your printing machine is placed on a flat surface and in a clean environment. If not so, then such errors will keep coming up.

Fix 5:

Properly Set the Tray in the HP Printer

In case the input tray is not properly set into its slot, you may hear an irritating sound every time you try to print using your HP printer. It may also be followed by the 60.02 error message on your printer. If you have not correctly installed the paper tray, it may lift from the backside whenever you give a printing command. To get rid of this issue, you can insert a tiny spacer at the right corner of the tray. This can also curb the noises and resolve the 60.02 error code at the same time.

After you have correctly implemented the fix, you can take out a sample print job.  Your issue should have cleared by now.

Note: These fixes can also be implemented on the HP LaserJet 4250, 4350, 4515, and 4700 Printers. In addition, you can try using them on the HP Printer M452dn, P4015, M477FNW when such a problem is observed.


When you are working on your HP LaserJet Printer, you may experience the 60.02 error. It may have been caused due to a broken spring. You can fix this problem by replacing the spring which is damaged and then folding the coil under it, as you also read here. Various other reasons for the presence of this issue can include incorrect installation of the paper tray, keeping the device on an uneven surface, and a broken lift motor. You can go through our fixes section to rectify this issue. 

We hope that you liked this article and we were able to give you some extra information about the error code 60.02 on your printer. Here, you can also find here a detailed guide to fix HP Error 49.38.07. If you still have any queries, then write them in the comment section. We will reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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