The Pixma printer comes with the best features of an inkjet printer (a printer which uses ink to print a digital image on a paper or plastic).  And is considered as the most suitable printer for keeping in small spaces.

While purchasing a canon pixma or any kind of printer, there might be a few questions that may go through your mind like:

  • Will the results be perfect?
  • How do I reset my canon pixma printer if I need to?
  • Where is the reset button on canon pixma printer?

Few of the solutions of “How to Reset Canon Pixma Printer”:

Is your canon pixma printer not working properly? Is it not giving proper printouts? Is it not giving perfect color to your desired print? Do you find it hard reset canon pixma printer?

Common Problems: There can be some common problems which you can come across in your Canon pixma printer. Generally the most told problems by the people are paper jam, ink cartridge replacements or some random technical glitches. These problems could be solved by resetting your pixma printer.

There are several models of canon pixma available in the market. They all have their own different and unique properties and functions. But when it comes to their functioning they are same in some or the other way. The solutions are:

Solution 1: how to reset canon pixma printer

There are several kinds of problem which can be occurred but most of them can be solved with the help of using the factory reset settings available in the printer itself.

All you need to do is to:  

  • Switch on the printer and open menu option to access factory reset settings.
  • The next step is to open device settings where you will find reset settings.
  • Finally press OK.

But still if the above mentioned solution does not help in solving the problems and you are not satisfied with the outcome then go for other step.

Solution 2: Canon pixma reset cartridge

Using Ink Cartridge Resets: Whenever you install a new ink cartridge generally the canon pixma printers will ask you to undergo a certain reset process before printing of new printouts. Follow up the instructions given by the system to reset your printer.

Refilled ink cartridge creates a reset issue for canon pixma printers and there are many ways to move out the problem. For different types of printers the Pixma MP/MX/MG series, ink cartridge resets ask you to setup the reset process in a specific method which is known as BCH technology.

Solution 3: Canon pixma cartridge reset

There are few steps that needed to be followed.

  1. Switch off the printer.
  2. While turning off the printer hold the reset or stop button. Press the button reset/stop twice in the row.
  3. After an approx. of 20 to 30 seconds the LED will show 0.
  4. Now, press the stop/reset option four times simultaneously.
  5. Now push the power button.
  6. Finally the last thing you need to do is turn off the printer and your Canon pixma printer will now be reset.

These are the solutions that could be preferred and will hopefully solve your problem.

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