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How to Reset Canon Pixma Printer

Canon printers are renowned for their top-notch printing facilities and excellent features. However, at times, its users experience difficulties while operating it and must reset the machine for proper functioning. So if your Canon printing device is also facing any type of issue you can try resetting it. In this guide, we will teach you how to reset Canon printer while giving answers to two most common questions: ‘How do I reset my Canon printer to factory settings?’ and ‘how to reset Canon printer TS3122’?

Quick Methods to Reset Canon Printer

There are five ways of to reset Canon Pixma printer:

  1. Ink reset of Canon printer
  2. Factory reset of Canon Printer
  3. Resetting Pixma Printer’s ink cartridge
  4. Power reset of Canon printer
  5. Hard reset of Canon printer

Fix 1:

Ink Resetting of the Canon Printer

Canon’s inkjet printers have a special internal chip to tell users that the ink cartridge of their printer has become old or is empty and they need to refill it. 

Go through the steps mentioned below and learn how to reset Canon printer ink to get your device back to working just fine: 

  • Take out the Canon printer ink cartridge and then plug the same ink cartridge into the reset mechanism’s main channel.
  • Then make sure that the internal chip the ink cartridge is working properly and has contact with the resetter’s plate.
  • Now, when you see the LED light on the chip resetter blinking, keep the ink cartridge gently for a few seconds.
  • After that, gently keep the ink cartridge until its lamp becomes stable.
  • Then, for any ink cartridge that needs a reset, you will need to disconnect the cartridge from the chip resetter again and repeat the steps again.
  • Finally, in your Canon printer you can insert the cartridges to see and then run a print test to check if the problem is fixed.

After following the steps mentioned above, you must have learned how to reset Canon printer ink cartridge. Now, learn another way to reset the printer from the next step. 

Fix 2:

Resetting Canon Pixma Printer Via Default Factory Settings

Wondering ‘how do I reset my Canon printer to factory settings’? Here is the stepwise guide to resetting your Canon printer via default factory settings: 

  • Switch on the Canon Pixma printing device and navigate towards the printing screen. 
  • Click on the ‘Device Settings’ from the Canon printer menu using arrow buttons and hit on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Select the ‘Resetting’ option and click on the ‘OK’ button.  
  • After a few seconds, the Canon printer will be turned off. Then, hold on to the ‘Stop’ button. 
  • After another few seconds, release the ‘Stop’ button and again hold the ‘Stop’ two times, and this time, click on the ‘Power’ button as well.
  • Soon you will see the ‘O’ icon on your printer’s screen and again hit the ‘Stop’ button for at least four more times.
  • At last, hold the ‘Power’ button twice and after that, hold it again to switch the printer off. 

After applying the steps mentioned above, your Canon printer will be reset to default factory settings. Now, restart the Canon printer and check if all the printer issues have been fixed. 

Fix 3:

How to Reset Canon Pixma Printer Ink Cartridge?

Are you also coming across ‘how to reset canon printer ts3122’? Here are the general steps for resetting any Canon printer model via resetting its ink cartridges.

  • Plug out the power cable as well as the USB cable from your Canon Pixma printing device to start with resetting the Canon printers or its ink cartridges.
  • Then hold the ‘Power’ button near your Canon printer’s screen and next you will have to open the ink cartridge’s door. 
  • After a few times, connect the power cable of your Printer and then switch on the power button to start it.
  • Finally, you can close the door of the ink cartridge and then release the ‘Power’ button. 
  • Leave the Canon printing device for a while and the ink cartridge will be reset. 

We hope now you have found the answer to ‘how to reset Canon Pixma printer’ question. If you could not reset the printer yet, learn another way from the next method. 

Fix 4:

Power Resetting of Canon Printer

Canon power reset is also known as a soft reset. It is another easy way to get rid of any Canon printer issues. Here are the steps to follow and learn how to reset Canon printer: 

  • At first, you will have to switch off the Canon Printer and take out the power cable and disconnect the printing device completely.
  • After a few times, you must insert the power cord in the socket to turn on the Canon printing device. 
  • Now, connect the same to the Ethernet cable and make your Canon printing device ready for the print process.
  • Try a test print and check if this process helped you in fixing the Canon printer issues. 

After learning how to reset Canon IP4200 printer or any other model using power settings steps, your device will function smoothly. 

Fix 5:

How Do I Reset My Canon Printer To Factory Settings or Hard Reset?

A hard reset can assist you to get your canon printer back to its former condition exactly like a new one. So follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to reset Canon printer in no time. 

  • Go to your Canon printer and click on the ‘Stop’ button. Hold to the button until the printer’s alarm starts ringing. 
  • Let the alarm ring 19 times and then take back your finger from the ‘Start’ button.
  • After this step, your Canon printing device will be automatically restored to the previous settings. 
  • Now, go to the PC and uninstall the Canon printer driver from the ‘Printers and Scanners’ window. 
  • Download a new printer driver as per your Canon printer model and connect the PC with your printer. 

After following the steps mentioned below, the hard reset of your Canon printer will be done. 

In case, for any technical reasons, if you could not learn how to reset canon printer and other problems still persist, follow the below-mentioned instructions. 

  1. Click the Startup button on your Canon computer, then move through the arrow keys to reach the Device Settings and then press on the ‘OK’ button.
  2. Now, go to the ‘Restore’ setting, click on the ‘OK’ button and then click on the ‘Reset All’ Option to complete your entire process. 
  3. Hold down OK, and then select Yes, so your printing device will be reset successfully now.

We hope after following the steps of how to reset the Canon printer, your Canon printer is reset and now it is printing documents without any errors. If you are seeking further assistance such as Canon Printer Not Responding, talk to our printer experts via call or live chat. You can also write to us via the comment section. 

FAQs Related to Reset Canon Printer

To factory reset your Canon printer, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Tap on the Setup tab.
  • Hold down the Arrow key to visit the Device configuration menu. Step 3- Tap on the OK tab.
  • Search the Reset setting tab and once you get the tab, select it.
  • Tap on the OK tab.
  • Scroll down the Reset setting menu and select the Reset all option.
  • Tap on the OK tab.
  • Next, choose the Yes option.
  • After that, tap on the OK tab. 
  • The reset process will start automatically.

To reset your Canon wireless printer, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • On your Canon Wireless Printer, search the ‘Wireless’ icon, and tap on it.
  • Press the ‘Network’ button.
  • Tap on the ‘Wireless’ key.
  • Select the ‘ON’ option.
  • Visit the Wireless Setup Wizard menu and select the ‘Continue’ tab.
  • Tap on the OK tab.
  • Next, use the printer password and select the ‘OK’ option. 
  • To initiate the reset process, read and follow the on-screen instructions.

To reset your Canon Maxify Printer, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Turn Off your Canon Maxify Printer.
  • Unplug all the connected cables. 
  • Wait for a few minutes before plugging in all of the cables to ensure a secure link with your printer.
  • Press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. 
  • When the printer light blinks, simply withdraw the pressure from the power button.

To reset your printer, implement the following steps:-

  • First, switch off the printer and disconnect all the connected cables.
  • Wait for two minutes and re-plug all the cables into your Printer sockets.
  • Press and hold the power button of your printer for a few seconds. 
  • When the printer light blinks, release the pressure on the power button.

When you need to delete any data, memory, or saved settings many users perform the hard reset process. A hard reset procedure erases all the printed and saved data collected from all interfaces. The task being processed and the saved data in the memory of the printer will be eliminated instantly. Use the mentioned steps to perform a hard reset process. To hard reset your Canon Printer, you need to implement the following steps:-

  • Switch off the Canon Printer by pressing the power button.
  • Look for the Stop key and ON key. When you get them, press both keys simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Release the pressure from the ‘Stop’ key.
  • Tap on the ‘Stop’ key and tap it 5 times in a row.
  • Next, release the pressure from all of the keys.
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