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How to Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

We all know that printing devices are a boon for professionals as well as home-based users. With the development of the latest technology, today you can even get and buy multi-functional printers. It is believed that after computers, printers are the most important yet useful invention. Presently, there is an extensive range in terms of brands available in the market. And one of those most popular brands is Lexmark. This brand is best known for its versatile quality of the devices. But like any other device, if you are using a Lexmark printer, the possibilities are quite higher that you have come across the Lexmark firmware error 900.00.

This Lexmark ms312dn firmware error 900.00 is one of the most common communication-related errors that typically occur when your device is getting the information from the computer or laptop but unable to perform its tasks. In this case, it is suggested to connect with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your area to check the network connection. It will be rectified if the problem is because of the in internet connection but if your internet is working properly, then you should connect with the technical support team because it is due to the 900.00 firmware error Lexmark e460, firmware error 900.00 Lexmark m5155, or firmware error 900.00 Lexmark ms312dn.

Steps to Fix the Lexmark MS312DN Firmware Error 900.00

If you are willing to troubleshoot on your own, then continue reading this post for more details to find out how you can fix this Lexmark firmware error 900.00.

Solution 1:

Update the Firmware Level of Your Printer

If you are using the outdated version of the Lexmark printer’s firmware, the chances are quite higher you will get this error. The level of the firmware should be at P128 if you want your device to work properly. And for this, you can do the following:

  • Go to the main menu by pressing the button given on the printer’s display
  • After this, click on the REPORTS option
  • Press the MENU SETTINGS PAGE to begin with the printing job
  • Under the DEVICE INFORMATION option, you can search for the FIRMWARE LEVEL INFORMATION option given just after the BASE
  • Proceed further if the firmware code level is under P128
  • In case this level is above P128, you are suggested contacting the customer support team of LEXMARK

Solution 2:

Cross-Check Everything by Using the EWS (Embedded Web Server)

To address and solve the 900.00 firmware error Lexmark x656de, you are suggested checking everything with the help of the EWS. And for this, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Connect your Lexmark printer to the internet by using the Ethernet cable
  • Now, open Google Chrome or simply launch the Internet Explorer
  • Type the printer’s IP address in the given box
  • Now, click on REPORTS
  • Lastly, select the DEVICE INFORMATION option and check once again if the level code of the firmware is at the P128 level or not

If it is not at this level, then the chances are extremely higher that you will get the Lexmark firmware error 900.00. So, make sure it is at the correct level.

Solution 3:

Download, Install and Update the Firmware Code

If you are using an outdated version of the firmware code, then you will get the 900.00 firmware error Lexmark t650. So, follow the points listed below to get the latest version:

  • Browse through the official Lexmark Help website
  • Click on the SUPPORT & DOWNLOADS given on your left-hand side
  • Now, type the model number i.e. T652, T650, E460, etc. of your printer in the search box
  • Select the DOWNLOADS to check if there is any latest version is available
  • If there is a new version, press the DOWNLOAD button and save the file on your computer system
  • Click on the option of DOWNLOADED FILES and follow the instructions given to complete the installation process so that you can fix the Lexmark firmware error 900.00 with great ease
  • Lastly, restart your PC once the installation process is completed

So, these are the best ways to deal with the firmware error 900.00 Lexmark m5155. In case you still get the error even after following the steps given in the aforesaid solutions, you are suggested to get in touch with the Lexmark Printer Support team of Lexmark for the right guidance and assistance.

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