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How to Fix HP Error Code 0xc19a0003

You may come across the HP 8610 error code 0xc19a0003 while working on your device. This error code may be hinting at a failure in the ink system or maybe there are issues with the printhead. Another reason behind this problem may be that the ink is not sufficiently reaching the printhead. 

Through this blog, we will tell you about the causes and also suggest some of the fixes that you can implement to clear the error code 0xc19a0003 on your HP device. Few methods that you can use to fix the error code are restarting your printer, cleaning the interiors, reinstalling the ink cartridges, etc. On models like HP 8610, 8620, and 8630 Printers, these fixes can work.

What Does the HP Error Code 0xc19a0003 Mean? 

While you are in the middle of printing any document, the error code 0xc19a0003 may show up on your HP printer’s screen. Such an error code may be occurring because of some problem in your ink cartridge or the printhead. This error code may also be followed by an alphanumeric code. 

What are the Causes for the HP Error Code 0xc19a0003?

An issue with the ink system or the printhead might be leading to the 0xc19a0003 error. Here,  we have listed some more causes that may be causing this particular problem:

  • There might be an issue with the software or the hardware of your HP OfficeJet Pro Printer.
  • You may have not updated the firmware. 
  • There may also be an issue that is still not fixed in the printhead. 

How Do I Fix the Error Code 0xc19a0003 on My HP Printer? 

The HP printer error code 0xc19a0003 can be fixed by settling insufficient ink supply or clutter in the interior of the machine. We advise that you try restarting your device, cleaning the printhead, replacing the cartridges with low ink levels, and reinstalling the toner cartridges in order to fix the error.

If you want to know the fixes and the steps involved in them, then you can keep on reading further.

Fix 1:

Reset Your HP Device

The error code 0xc19a0003 on your HP printer can be cleared by resetting the device. To reset your HP device, press the Power button for starting it. Remove all the cables that are attached to the printer. Then you have to wait for a minute before reconnecting the cables. 

Follow the below-given directions to correctly reset your device:

  • Gently press the “Power” button on your HP printer machine.
  • Remove the cable that is connecting the printer to the power supply.
  • Plug in the printer into the power cable after waiting for a minute.
  • Then the printer will power on by itself.
  • Give a test print job for confirming that the error has been cleared.

Fix 2:

Cleaning the Printhead of Your HP Printer

The HP 8610 error code 0xc19a0003 may show up due to a dirty or clogged printhead. You can open the HP Inkjet Utility toolbox and clean the printhead. The approach that you need to follow to implement this fix is written in the following directions:

  • Open the “Toolbox” on your HP device and clean the printhead.
  • Click on the “Printer Services” option.
  • Double-click on the “Clean Print Heads” tab.
  • You will see a dialog box with instructions written in it. Read them carefully.
  • Now, click on the “HP Inkjet Utility” button.
  • Right-click on “Clean” and then follow the instructions on your screen.

After you have finished the process, the 0xc19a0003 error code should have been fixed.

Fix 3:

Clear the Clutter in Your HP Device

Clearing the clutter generally means taking out the different parts of your printer and checking its interiors for any damage. You may see the HP Printer 8620 error code 0xc19a0003 when there are interfering particles in it. As these particles get removed, the error should also vanish.

You can find the step-by-step instructions for this fix here: 

  • Make sure that your printing device is turned on. 
  • Remove the input tray of your printer.
  • Take out all the papers from the paper tray. 
  • Check for any rolled papers in the tray. If there are any, then carefully pull them out.
  • Clear each and every bit of paper that is in the tray.
  • Look out for any other objects that may come inside your HP printer machine.
  • Disconnect the printer’s power cord from the main power supply. Also, remove any cables that may be connected to your device.
  • Re-install the paper tray.
  • Open the printer’s cover and remove any pieces of paper stuck in it.
  • Also, check the duplexer area for any blockage.
  • Turn on your printer and leave it idle for some time so that it gets warm enough for correct functioning.
  • Finally, print a “Configuration Page” just to be sure that everything is working fine.

Tip: While you are removing the printer’s parts, look out for any tiny foreign objects that can hinder the performance of the device. Also, remove them when found.

Fix 4:

Reinstalling the Toner Cartridges 

In case your issue has not been resolved by the fixes that we have mentioned above, the 0xc19a0003 error code in your HP printer may be occurring due to the improper installation of the ink cartridges. You can try reinstalling them in order to fix this particular issue. To reinstall them lift up the printer’s cover and remove the cartridges when the carriages are in their original place. Clean the toner cartridges using a dry lint-free cloth and then properly insert them into their respective slots.

To learn more about how to fix the HP Printer error code 0xc19a0003, consider reading below:

  • Turn on your HP device.
  • Open the lid to access it.
  • Before proceeding any further, make sure that the carriages are in the center position.
  • Then take the ink cartridges out.
  • Keep the cartridges on a clean paper sheet.
  • Clean the cartridges’ slot. 
  • Carefully, insert the cartridges back.
  • Close the printer’s lid. 

After you are done with all the steps that we have mentioned in the above fix, it’s suggested that you take out a test print job to check whether the colour toner and other settings are correct. We believe that the HP error code 0xc19a0003 would not be appearing now.

Fix 5:

Check for the Low Ink Levels of Your Machine

Inadequate ink levels may also be one of the reasons for the HP OfficeJet or HP PhotoSmart Plus error code 0xc19a0003. This error can be avoided by checking the ink levels of the cartridges prior to printing anything. For doing so, turn on your computer and printer. In the input tray, place a paper sheet. Then click on the button next to the Setup button. Now, open the Tools Menu and choose the Estimated Ink Levels option. Ensure that there is sufficient ink left in the ink tank.

The detailed instructions are given as follows:

  • Power on your desktop and your HP printer machine as well.
  • Take out all the paper sheets from the input tray.
  • Place a single sheet of paper in the paper tray and insert it in the printer again.
  • Press the button that you see next to the “Setup” button.
  • Open the “Tools” section by clicking on it.
  • Now, press the “Ok” button.
  • There you will see an option of “Estimated Ink Levels”.
  • Click on “Ok”.

Your HP device will then auto-check the ink levels. If the ink levels are low, then you may replace the cartridges. 

Fix 6:

Restoring the HP Printer Settings to Default 

The error code 0xc19a0003 on HP 8610 Printer can be fixed by changing the machine’s settings to default. This fix would help in clearing this error. To implement this fix, you need to press the Menu key on your device. Enter the Preferences tab and click on the Restore Defaults option. After clicking on it, your printer will be restored to the default settings in a couple of minutes. 

  • Press the button which has “Menu” written on it.
  • Move to the “Preferences”/”Reset All Menu Settings”/”Tools” using the arrow keys of your printer.
  • Click on the “Restore Defaults” option.
  • Choose the “Ok” button.

Important: Your device may take up to a few minutes to undo all the changes in settings and reset to the factory settings. When the process is completed, your printer’s error would have been resolved.

Fix 7:

Hard Resetting the HP Printer

We highly recommended that you try hard resetting the printer, in case the issue is arising even now. We think that this may solve your issue. To administer this fix, you need to turn on the HP device. As you are doing so, remove the USB cable, cover, and ink cartridges from your printer. After waiting for some time, you may also be required to remove the power cable.

To know about all the steps that are involved in this fix, you can read the guidelines given here:

  • Turn on your printer.
  • If you have attached the USB cable, then remove it.
  • Take off the printer’s cover as well.
  • Then uninstall the ink cartridges.
  • Wait for the message displaying “Ink Cartridges Missing” on the screen of your device.
  • Remove the power cable.
  • Attach the power cord again after waiting for 5-10 minutes.
  • As soon as you attach the power cable, the indicator for “Power” will be lit up. Reinstall your cartridges in their slot.
  • Cover your HP device.
  • Lastly, the USB cable has to be attached.

When you have correctly followed all the above-stated steps, the HP 8610 error code 0xc19a0003 would be sorted.

Fix 8:

Updating the HP Printer’s Drivers

You can troubleshoot the 0xc19a0003 error message by updating your HP printer’s drivers. You may have forgotten to update the drivers for a long time and that may be the reason why you are encountering this error. To download the updated version of the drivers, you can click on the Start Menu. Then go to the Control Panel. Here, you will be asked to set the Category. Set the Category on View Type and from there you can download the updated drivers.

Read further to know how to fix the 0xc19a0003 error code by updating the HP printer’s drivers.

  • Open the “Start Menu”.
  • Enter the “Control Panel” of your computer by clicking on it.
  • Then set the “Category” to “View Type”.
  • Click on the “System and Security” tab.
  • Right-click on the “Devices and Printers” option.
  • After you have entered the Printers section, double-click on “Update Driver” from the dropdown menu. 
  • You will see two options “Search Automatically for the Software Updated Driver” and “Browse My Computer for Driver Software”. Click on the option which suits you best.

After you have chosen one option from the two, a process will initiate. The process may take 5-10 minutes to complete. After its completion, it is recommended that you restart your computer and the printer as well. Finally, you can print a sample job.

Fix 9:

Use of Try and Error Method

In this fix, we will talk about how you can implement the try and error method to resolve the 0xc19a0003 error message that may be showing on your HP printer. You need to turn off the device and then after waiting for some time you can restart it. This will lead to cooling down of the printer and also resetting its memory. 

  • Shut down your HP device.
  • Wait for 5 minutes so that it cools down.
  • Now, turn on your device. 
  • Let the printer be in an idle state so that it is warm enough.
  • Check for any sort of noise coming from the machine.
  • Open the paper tray and insert some sheets in it.
  • Try giving a print job.
In a Nutshell

While you are using the HP printers, the error code 0xc19a0003 may show up on your screen. It may be because of an issue in the printhead, low ink levels, or you may still be working on an older version of the firmware. The fixes that are suggested to resolve this particular error are cleaning the printhead, updating the driver of the printer, and implementing the try and error method. We hope that after reading this post you may be able to fix the 0xc19a0003 error. 

Let us know which fix worked the best for you via our comment section. We will be delighted to know! Here, you can also find here a detailed guide to fix HP Error 49.38.07.

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