How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100?

Canon printers are widely used in many offices, schools, homes, etc. And while using the Canon printers, many of the users report that they are getting an error 5100 message. Canon Printer Error 5100 is a common error and the user may get irritated if some important work gets stuck due to this error. No worries, read the article below in detail to find multiple possible solutions for this error.

There may be different reasons behind the error 5100 and you must try all the alternatives to find out the best suitable solution. Below are the detailed steps that you need to follow to get rid of the Canon printer error 5100. The steps and solutions will be the same blow Canon Printer Models:

Canon MP280 Series Printer Error 5100 Canon MX310 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX320 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX340 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX430 Printer Error 5100
Canon Pixma MX432 Printer Error 5100 Canon MP460 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX452 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX472 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX492 Printer Error 5100
Canon MP560 Printer Error 5100 Canon MP470 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX490 Printer Error 5100 Canon MP160 Printer Error 5100 Canon MP250 Printer Error 5100
Canon MX360 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX410 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX439 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX870 Printer Error 5100 Canon MX420 Printer Error 5100

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

Before starting with the different possible solutions, you must check and confirm that there is no protective covering remaining attached to the printer. Many times, users purchase a new canon printer and they forget to remove the protective tape/material of the printer, this results in showing a canon printer error 5100. To solve this issue follow the provided steps:

  • Firstly, see whether the protective material or the tape is stuck in the Fine cartridge, open the paper output cover.
  • After opening the cover, if you find that there is a tape still attached, remove it.
  • When the material is removed, make sure to close the output cover.
  • Restart your printer and check that after removing the tags, Printer Error Code 5100 is resolved or not.

Fix 1

Replacing a FINE cartridge to resolve

Need help in dealing with the Canon MX430 printer error 5100 or with any other canon printer model? Try following the below-mentioned steps to get rid of the error 5100 in any canon printer model.

  • After making sure that the power is turned off, open the front cover of the printer. Then open the paper output tray.
open the printer front cover - canon printer error 5100
  • After opening the paper output tray, the FINE cartridge moves to the replacement position and then the headcover automatically opens.
open the paper output tray - canon mx430 printer error 5100
  • The next step is to remove the FINE cartridge; this can be done by pushing down the ink cartridge lever until it clicks.
Remove FINE cartridge - canon printer error 5100
  • After removing the old cartridge prepare for put new ink cartridge by taking it out its package and removing its protective material properly.
  • Next, we need to install the new FINE cartridge by inserting it straight to the cartridge holder till the back and pushing up the ink cartridge lever to maintain it in its place.
Insert FINE cartridge - canon mx430 printer error 5100
  • After following all the above steps, you need to close the paper output cover and see whether the error has been removed.
Close the Paper Output Cover - canon mx340 printer error 5100

Fix 2

Proper Adjustment of Ink Cartridge Panel

While installing the Canon printer, you might also notice that there is a small ink cartridge panel provided where CMYK/BK colors package is installed. If you don’t install the cartridge properly in its place, you’ll get a Canon Pixma printer error 5100.

To fix the error 5100, you have to :

  • Open your ink cartridge panel carefully.
Open ink cartridge panel - canon printer error 5100
  • Bring out all the color packages.
Remove color packages - canon mx430 printer error 5100
  • Install them again one by one in the proper way. 
Install color packages - canon printer error 5100
  • While Installing them, make ensure they are tightly fitted into the panel chamber of the printer.
  • In the end, check it with a test print.

If you have also tried this solution but still not getting the desired output. Then, you can follow the below-mentioned steps of solution no.3 to get your issue resolved.

Fix 3

Fix paper jams to solve the Printer Error 5100

The error 5100 may also occur if a paper is jammed in your printer cabinet, or there is any kind of material stuck in the printer which is causing your printer to show an error 5100. Follow the below-mentioned steps if the error 5100 is occurred due to the paper being jammed:

  • The first step is to turn the machine off and plug out the cord of the printer.
Turn the Printer off - canon printer error 5100
  • After switching off the printer, open the document tray and then the document cover.
Open the Document Tray - canon mp460 printer error code 5100
  • Look for the location of the jammed paper and set the face of the printer accordingly.
  • After adjusting the position of the printer, push open the lever and while using your hands to support the machine open the transport unit.
  • After opening the transport unit, pull out the jammed paper while supporting the printer with your hand.
  • Now close the printer’s transport unit.
Close Printer Transport Unit - canon printer error 5100
  • After closing the unit, the next step is to plug in the machine back again.
  • After plugging in, you can reload the paper and print your documents again without any hassles.

If the solution no.3 has also not worked out for you. Then, you may proceed with the steps mentioned in the solution no. 4.

Fix 4

Clean the Encoder Strip

Encoder strip is also known as a printing strip, installed over the drive belt. It is one of the main components which handles the printing part by adjusting its speed and position. If you are facing a Canon Printer Error 5100, it’s better to check the printing strip and clean it properly by the use of soft fabric. Make sure you don’t damage it. Reinstall the printing strip after the cleaning is done and check if the printer is still prompting for the same error or not.

Clean the Encoder Strip - canon printer error 5100

Now, if the error is still there even after following all the 4 solutions, you can try your luck with the last possible solution that is mentioned below.

Fix 5

Reset the Printer to Default Settings

If you have been using a Canon Pixma printer for a long time and suddenly, you see an error 5100 for any unknown reasons. Then, it’s better to reset the printer to its default settings. To bring the printer to default settings, you just have to press the power button till your printer starts to reset and after that, release the button. This action may result in a solution to your Canon printer error 5100 by resetting your printer to its default setting.

Follow the below-mentioned simple tips to avoid the Error 5100 in your Canon printer:

  • Reset your printer once in a week.
Reset printer - canon mx340 printer error 5100
  • Proper cleaning is required from time to time.
Proper clean printer - canon mx310 printer error 5100
  • Use the page of the recommended size only
  • Properly fix assembly covers into their places
  • Always use the company’s recommended ink cartridges.

We hope that the above-mentioned solutions must have helped you in resolving your Canon printer error 5100. But, if the error continues to occur even after following all the mentioned steps properly. Then, you can chat or get in touch with our technical team for assistance and help in getting your printer error resolved. Our team is ready to help 24*7 as we believe in achieving greater customer satisfaction.

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2 years ago

Support code 5100 – A printer error has occurred. Turn the printer off and see the printer manual for more details is the error message i get. I checked the manuals and nowhere there was a support code 5100. The problem at the end was due to a paper the got stuck while printing. Thanks for solving the printer error 5100.

Daniel Stokes
1 year ago

“Hi, Thanks a lot for your help. I had encountered Canon Printer 5100 Error on Canon MX320 Printer.
It was relieving that you mention my printer model. As many don’t mention the printer models for which the solution applies. I was quite worried that if I use their solution. I may damage my printer.
But kudos, it was working fine. Thanks !!”