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How to Print from an iPad

If you are someone who is using iPad for professional purposes, then you must be aware of its printing functions. Luckily, the latest iPad printing solutions are quite better now. Apple has also designed an effective solution – AirPrint. It works amazingly if you own the right printing device but if you do not have one, do not fret! We have got some workarounds for you so that you know how to print from an iPad or how to print from an iPad without AirPrint! Continue reading for more details.

How to Print from iPad Air?

One of the easiest ways to print from your iOS devices including the iPad is the AirPrint-enabled printer. It is a technology that can be integrated by the printer makers into their printing devices. Hence, you do not have to install any external drivers to make any iPad “communicate” with the printer.

But the good news is that most printers today are AirPrint ready. You can also visit the official website of Apple to check out the list of printers that are AirPrint enabled. Check out the following to know how to print calendar from iPad, how to print email from iPad, how to print photos from iPad, webpage, documents, etc.:

  • Connect the iPad as well as printer to the same internet/Wi-Fi network
  • Find the web page, document, email, photo, calendar, etc. that you want to print
  • Hit the SHARE button (it is typically available at the bottom or top of the computer screen) and choose PRINT
  • When you do it, the name of the printer will appear on your screen. If there are multiple AirPrint printers on the network, choose your desired one

How to Print from iPad Without AirPrint?

If you are looking for the answers to the questions like how to print from iPad to HP printer without AirPrint and how to print from iPad to wireless printer, then you must check out the following options:

AirPrint Alternatives

There are different cloud-based solutions and software in the market that you can use as an AirPrint alternative to print. You can search online for the best solution that is compatible with your device and capable of printing high-quality prints.

Make the Most Out of the Cloud-Based Services

One of the finest alternatives is Google Cloud Print. This option lets you print your documents, photos, emails, calendar, etc. from a non-AirPrint device. You will need to do the following to use this:

  • Open Google Chrome on the Mac or PC
  • Now, click on the 3 dots given on the right top and then move to the SETTINGS MENU
  • Scroll down and select the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS
  • Scroll down again and stop when you see the option GOOGLE CLOUD PRINT
  • Now, choose MANAGE
  • If your printer is directly connected to your system (and not a network printer), then choose CLASSIC PRINTERS
  • Click on the ADD PRINTERS and check whether your printer is listed there or not
  • When it is done, click ADD PRINTERS
  • Once the process is completed, you will get the message – Thanks, you are ready to go!

Even though these details are primarily focused on the iPad users, the same process will work the same for the other iOS devices like the iPhones.

Use PRESTO for Better and Secured Business Printing

If you are running a business and need more secured printing solutions for your business, the Presto is the best option available at present. This is high-end software that is compatible with different operating systems including iOS, Chrome OS, and Mac OS. It is also scalable, easy to download and install, and maintain. This software will help you transform almost all printers into a more secured release station. You can print anything like photos, documents, calendars, emails, etc. with it.

Utilize printer pro for printing

Some printers are not compatible with the Air Print. Hence, you can take advantage of the Printer Pro. It is basically an iPad OS and iOS app that is used to connect a printer with the computer. If your printing device is directly connected to the Wi-Fi network, then you do not have to switch your device on to use it.

To download this app, you will need to go to the Apple Store. Now, download the counterpart app on your system. After this, when you want to print anything, choose Printer Pro from the “SHARE SHEET”. This is such a smart solution when you want to print web pages, emails, photos, documents, and anything else that is in your clipboard. You can even try the free version of this app to know how it works and whether it is effective for you or not.

Connect with your manufacturer to explore more options

Some leading printer manufacturing companies have their personal apps for printing documents, emails, calendars, photos, and so on from iPad, iPhone, and iPod. If you are unable to print anything through AirPrint using these options, you are suggested to get in touch with your printer manufacturer for further assistance.

When you connect with them, they will give you detailed information about the app that they have for printing. These apps typically need your printing device to create a wireless access point (direct). You can also check out the printer manual to know how to print from an iPad using the app.

Always Use Advanced Settings for Amazing Printing

If you want to get better desktop printing, then you must change the whole advanced settings. These include:

  • Size of the paper
  • Scale
  • Border
  • Media type
  • Watermark

So, these are few effective ways to know how to print from iPad to printer or how to print from iPad mini with and without AirPrint. In case you come across any issue, such as How to Add Printer to iPad? So, you can directly connect with our technician to get instant assistance to fix the issue.

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