Printer Validation Failed


Before moving to the solutions, you have to check out the following:

-Whether you had introduced any changes or not on the printer before the issue occurred?

-Have you noticed any sort of obstructions in the printer?

-Is the carriage moving freely?

If all the above-mentioned things are sorted then you should go to the below-mentioned tips:

Make sure that the printer is connected to a wall outlet instead of the surge protector.

Follow the steps for HP Officejet & Envy Printer Validation Failed

First Step

  • Disconnect the power cord from the side of the rear printer, keep the printer turned on. Unplug it from the wall outlet as well.
  • Detach the USB (if there is any)
  • Wait for a few minutes, then press the power button on your printer and hold it for almost thirty seconds. This will remove all the additional charge.
  • Plug the power cable straight to a wall outlet straight.
  • Do it without an extension cord or surge protector.
  • After this plug back power cord to the printer.
  • Turn on your printer. Wait till the printer is idle and it’s warm-up period gets finished.
  • At this stage, insert ink cartridges and print out a test page.
  • Check out if it is working right or not.

 Second step

  • Try to make a “photocopy” to ensure the issue lies with printer or not.
  • For this, place a document on the scanner glass and select the option of “copy.”
  • In case the printer is producing flawless copy, then it’s hardware is fine.

Third step

  • If the printer is connected in a wireless mode, connect it with a USB.
  • Follow the link and check the latest firmware updates (if there are any available for the printer). You may require a Windows PC for the process.
  • If you have already following the suggested steps and still having the same issues, perform an advanced reset on your printer.

One thought on “HP Officejet & Envy Printer Validation Failed Windows 10”

  1. Richarlson says:

    The hp officejet printer works when it is connected using a USB wire connection but when i connect it wireless, it shows validation failed. Even after a printer reset, it still gives me the same error. Is it because i cannot find the correct printer drivers for my hp officejet printer? The drivers are no longer available in the hp website so this printer is manually added using the inbuild windows 10 drivers

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