Where Can I Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer

Where Can I Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer

First of all, you need to know that WPS PIN is a wireless pin that cannot be found on the back of a printer. For this you need to configure your device to a wireless network or the router to generate a Pin that would help to connect your Samsung printer.

How to find wps pin on Samsung printer

If you are having trouble thinking where can I find WPS pin on Samsung printer?

Then the below solutions would surely help you to find wps pin on Samsung printer:


Connecting a Device using the WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Button

Consider the following solution if the device has a WPS button or if there is any prompt to press the WPS button on your router.

Step 1

  • You need to locate the WPS button on your router and press it. Alternatively, access the routers setup page and configure the WPS just by clicking the WPS on the first item.
  • Access the router’s setup page you need to open any web browser and enter “” on the address bar and click enter.
  • After this, you will be asked for the username and password. Leave the Username field blank and enter admin in the password field and press OK.

Step 2: After following the above instructions, within 2 minutes click the WPS button on the device that you connect with the router’s wireless network.

Now, you would be connected to your router using the WPS.

Connecting a Device Using its WPS PIN

You can use this method if you can find the WPS PIN on your device. Just follow certain steps and find wps pin on Samsung printer and configure the wireless setup.

Step 1: To use this method go to the Samsung printer’s control panel and press the wireless button from the settings.

Step 2: After following the above step touch, the Wi-Fi protected setup and the  follow all the screen prompts.

Step 3: Now you would be prompted about the PIN, tap on the option. By this, your WPS PIN would be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: After generating the PIN, you need to access the configuration software or the utility for your wireless router or the access point. After the configuration enter the WPS Pin that was  generated

Step 5: Once you are able to complete the setup, you will be able to install the network printer driver by opening the printers Samsung folder in all programs from the printer setup and software and click the option connect a new printer.

Connecting a Device Using the Router WPS PIN

If you are unable to find the answer to how to find wps pin for samsung printer, you can use this method to connect the Samsung printer using the router’s WPS PIN.

Step 1: First access the router’s setup page by opening any web browser and entering on the address bar and clicking the enter button.

Step 2: After this fill the log in details. Where leave the Username column blank and enter admin in the password field.

Step 3: After logging in. Click the Wi-Fi protected setup from the wireless option.

Step 4: Take note of the router’s WPS PIN which could find at the bottom of your router with the Serial no. and address information.

Step 5: Your device would prompt for the WPS PIN, enter the router’s PIN.

Step 6: After entering the PIN follow the instructions and you should be able to connect your router wirelessly using the WPS.

Hope that the methods would surely help you to get rid of your problem. If you face issues, after following the above and are unable to find the wps pin on Samsung printer, consider calling Samsung printer support who can help you locate the Pin or can simply look into the manual that comes with your Samsung printer.

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