Whenever there is a problem in the printing process, Lexmark Printer Error Lights light up. These Lexmark Printer Error Lights show that the printer is experiencing some difficulties in printing the required document. These error lights prompt the user to correct any problem and restore the normal functionality of the printer. The reasons for Lexmark E230 Error Lights, Lexmark E250Dn Error Lights, Lexmark 260Dn Error Lights & Lexmark E120 Error Lights are mentioned below:

Reason For Lexmark Printer Error Lights

  1. Error Lights light up when there is a cartridge error.
  2. When the toner may be low on ink.
  3. When there is a paper jam.
  4. When there is a service error.

To ensure the efficient and proper working of your printer, you must always look upon any errors displayed by your printer. To solve the error, it is necessary for you to properly understand the source of the error and then proceed according to it. In case you experience any difficulty in printing and your Lexmark Printing Error Lights light up, the following steps must be followed:

Steps To Fix Lexmark Printer Error Lights

Step 1: The first step in case your Lexmark Printer light up is to completely turn off and restart your printer. This might solve any non-fatal error that may have occurred in your printer. However, if the problem still persists, you can look into other solutions.

Step 2: Look on your printer control panel and identify the icon corresponding to which the light is blinking. On your Lexmark Printer’s control panel, you can identify that there are some icons present corresponding to which there are small LED’s. You can simply categorize the problem by looking at the icon corresponding to which the error lights are blinking. E.g., If the second light from the top is blinking then you might have a paper jam as the second icon from the top represents paper jam. You must proceed with the process that is to be followed to resolve that particular issue.

Step 3: After identifying the problem and following the specified process to solve that error, if the error lights are still blinking, then there is a chance that some fatal error may have occurred on your printer. You need to contact our Lexmark Technical Support services which will guide you or assign you with a Lexmark service technician that will look into your issue and might make a visit to resolve your Lexmark Printer Error Lights.

Please note that the resolving instructions mentioned in the above steps are explicitly applicable to Lexmark E230 Error Lights, Lexmark E250Dn Error Lights, Lexmark 260Dn Error Lights & Lexmark E120 Error Lights issue and might not be useful for other Lexmark models.Lexmark Printers are state of the art models with state of the art features. To resolve any problem that you might be facing with these models, you can follow the above-mentioned steps. In case any problem still persists, we advise you to contact our professional technicians that will guide you & resolve any issue that you might be experiencing.

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