Are you in a dilemma on how to setup canon Pixma printerYou can definitely use the routers or the hubs to do so. Apart from it, there are alternatives that can be used for situations when your router is unable to support the system.

Follow Methods For “Canon Pixma printer setup”.

Method 1: WPS Connection Method:

This is the easiest method which helps in Canon Pixma wireless printer setup with the use of some access points name as routers which feature an automatic connection button WPS meaning Wi-Fi Protected Setup. To use the WPS method, the below conditions must be considered before following the setup instructions:

  • button if your device is not having it. Then it is better to consider the second method which is Standard connection method.
  • Your network should be using the WPS or WPS2 security protocol.


After considering the above conditions, you might start with your Canon Pixma mg3500 printer setup using the WPS connection method:

Make sure that your printer is turned on. To do so, press and hold the button on top of your printer until an alarm lamp flashes.

After turning on your printer. Make sure that the lamp next to the power button of your printer in flashing blue. If it starts flashing blue, you should turn on your access point and turn the WPS button within 2 minutes.

After this, the blue Wi-Fi lamp would continue flashing for searching, and the Wi-Fi and the power lamp would continue flashing while connecting to the router.

When the printer is successful in making the connection to the wireless network, the flash of the power and Wi-Fi lamp will stop flashing and will remain lit.

Method 2: Standard Connection Method

This method lets you set up your Canon Pixma printer if the router is not having a WPS push button. The users use this standard setup with the help of a CD installation. Just follow the below steps to make your Canon Pixma printer setup convenient:

  • Step 1
  • For the windows users, one must insert the CD that came with your printer and then runs the setup.

Canon printer setup for windows users

  • After running the setup, an initial screen appears. Click on the next option. A screen is displayed select the wireless option and proceed ahead.

canon printer power button on

  • After ensuring that your printer is on , make sure that the power lamp is also on. After this click on next option.
  • Step 2
  •  Click the connect to the network option after ensuring that the printer is on.
  •  A screen appears to click on the cableless setup and if you are Windows XP user click the other setup method and proceed to 5.

Windows XP wireless setup


  •  After following point 2. The connection via the cableless setup screen appears. Here you need to hold the printers Wi-Fi button until an orange alarm lamp flashes 2 times and then release it after the second flash.
  •  After confirming the blue Wi-Fi lamp and green power lamp, click next.
  •  For the Windows, XP user selects the wireless setup using the USB Cable.
  • Step 3
  • After following the above steps the screen to select your region flashes, select your region and click next.

select region canon

  • Next, select your place of residence and click next.

select your place of residence

  • After selecting the above, a screen appears to select the software. Select the software you need to install on your network and click next.
  • A screen appears you need to click on Yes option to confirm to the end user license agreement.
  • After confirming to all the miscellaneous options click on next, this ends your Pixma printer setup.

Hope that the above methods were able to solve your problem on how to setup canon Pixma printer if you are still failing to set the wireless setup even after following the instructions. Contact your service operator; he might assist you in getting a proper setup.

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