SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol relay. In order to transfer email messages from one hosting service to other servers or domains, this is used.

To Fix Lexmark cx310Dn SMTP Set up is not a big challenge especially when we consider the information and the technology that is made available to us. This is a general daily life issue faced by many people who use this application on a regular basis. There are several reasons due to which Lexmark SMTP Server Not Set Up error can occur.

  1. The primary and foremost reason may be that there might be a failure in authenticating the SMTP server.
  2. Secondly, this error may occur if the email client has not been set up correctly for SMTP authentication.
  3. This may also occur due to internet or website issues.
  4. One more reason can be due to the failure in SMTP Gateway Lexmark printer issues related to its SMTP site.

If such kind of issue pops up, one must try to resolve it correctly and after seeking knowledge of the correct procedures, must proceed with care.

Resolve Lexmark Mx310 Smtp Server Not Setup Issue

You need to restore the factory default on printer by following methods:

Step 1. Starting from the basic thing, firstly one has to click on the menu option and then on the operator panel in order to obtain the Utilities or Tests menu on display.

Step 2. Next, to enter the Menu, use the select button.

Step 3. Again one has to prefer the Menu option, so that factory default setting appears on the screen.

Step 4. After pressing the select button, an option coding ‘Restore’ should appear.

Resolve Lexmark Cx317Dn Smtp Server Not Set Up by resetting printer’s non-volatile RAM (NVRAM)-

In order to save the vital printer information from getting deleted, a “soft” NVRAM reset has to be done. To obtain so, the following procedure has been described below-

Step 1. Firstly, the printer has to be switched off completely.

Step 2. In the power off mode itself, one has to hold down the Menu and then he to go and hold the select buttons done altogether.

Step 3. In the same mode and position of holding down the buttons, one has to switch on the printer then.

Step 4. After going through such procedures, an option showing Restoring factory default appears on display, the buttons can be released then.

Step 5. Now the printer has to be allowed and left to warm up as usual.

After all these procedures, the Lexmark SMTP set up process will be completed and done. Still, if any issue comes up or if one does not succeed in setting up the printer, then it is suggested to contact Lexmark Support or seek help from any professional in order to resolve the problem. You can also check our more solutions on the internet which cater to the Lexmark Cx310Dn Smtp Setup.

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