The Lexmark x5650 All-in-One multifunction digital printer accommodates 4 unique features which include printing, scanning, copying and faxing, wireless connectivity. It is armed with a 2 inch OLED screen along with an ADF and 25ppm black and 18ppm color 4. It uses ink-jet color printing technology. The company offers 3 solutions for their printing technology needs:

  1. X5650 ink requirements – the manufacturers produce their own ink cartridges assuring good quality for the Lexmark x5650.
  2. OEM – these are the genuine Lexmark cartridges supporting all Lexmark printers.
  3. Refill kits – InkTec refill kits provide us with budget-friendly ink solutions.

Cause Of Left Cartridge Incorrect In Lexmark Printer

But these cartridges often encounters Left Cartridge Incorrect Lexmark or Right Cartridge Incorrect Lexmark errors, or they may also come up as Error 1205 or Error 1206, respectively. Usually, there are few causes for this problem that may be as follows:

  1. The cartridge may not be installed properly.
  2. The wrong cartridge is installed

Steps To Fix Left Cartridge Incorrect In Lexmark Printer

While the print cartridge message seems vague, one can fix this Lexmark x5650 Left Cartridge Incorrect by either restarting the printer, reinstalling the printer cartridge, resetting the printer or replacing the ink cartridge. The solutions mentioned below may be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Turn off the printer for a minute and turn it on again.
  2. Check whether the cartridge is in the proper port number.
  3. If that too doesn’t fix the problem remove the ink cartridge and check if you left any packaging tape adhesive to the cartridge. If so then make sure you remove it and then try printing again.
  4. Sometimes cleaning the copper-colored circuitry strip on the backside of the cartridge also may help to fix the error. Make sure you use a clean, dry, soft, lint-free cloth.

In case any of the above does not help us with the Lexmark Incorrect Port Detected then fetch troubleshooting help from the company’s service center. The Lexmark x5650 supports almost all operating systems from Windows XP to MAC OS. One may avail company oriented troubleshooting by following steps:

  1. Open the Lexmark solution center program on your computer. Click “maintenance” and select “install” or obtain a new cartridge. This will reset the ink counter on your printer. After getting the ready message try to print again.

If the error still persists, then you may need to replace your cartridge with a new one.

Also, the manufacturers provide us with one year warranty that can be availed if the cause of the error is not any accidental damage or misuse. In that case or even if the printer is not in warranty one may seek help from customer support.

For telephonic support for North America or the rest of the world visit the company’s website at You then need to make the selection of your respective country and the region you are based in. It is then to be followed with the selection of the customer support link. Remember the contact details vary for every region hence, choose wisely.

For email support, visit the website and go as follows:

  1. Go to technical support in the support option.
  2. Select your printer configuration.
  3. Click the email support from the support tools section.
  4. Fill the form and submit the request.

E-mail support may not be available for some regions in some instances. So it’s recommended to opt for telephonic communication when there is an issue of Left Cartridge Incorrect Lexmark X5650.

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