Sometimes it can happen that your printer is having some issues that need attention. There can be various Brother Printer drum error among which common issues are shown below.

Here are the 5 common problems of Brother Printer drum error and their solutions.

Problem 1 Brother Printing is taking too long

The printing is taking too long to print a single paper.


  • Select draft (normal or standard mode) for work or official documents.
  • Add memory in your printer for fast processing of complex images.
  • Use a single printing for a single paper.
  • Use drivers such as PostScript for industries and PCL for fast office printing.

Problem 2 Prints are bad looking

The common Brother printer error drum is that prints look bad sometimes.


  • Check if you have selected the correct media or paper for your print driver.
  • The tray having paper matches the selected paper types in the driver.
  • Printer’s fusers are either manual or automatic. So check it and if a manual setting is required then set it and be cautious as fusers become hot gradually.
  • Check if there is any damage or not in your cartridges, fusers and the imaging units.
  • If smudge marks are there on paper then print blank paper sheets until it fades away.

Problem 3 Paper jams Issue

The paper jams Problem due to internal or external jamming.


  • Use user guide given with the printer to go through this problem easily.
  • Check if there is any paper stuck in the paper path and remove it safely without tearing it.
  • If the paper is stuck in between the rollers, then follow the user guide on how to remove it.
  • Align the paper on the paper tray correctly that all the papers are positioned accurately.
  • Use papers that are supported by your printer.
  • Store the papers in a dry place as little moisture can difficult the process of printing.

Problem 4 Printing is not taking place in the printer

The very common issue is printer not printing anything on paper.


  • Firstly check the printing job is sent to the destined printer if you are printing on several machines.
  • To print on a single printer, make it as default. To do this click navigate to printers and faxes in Windows. Now right click on the icon showing printer and click set as default printer.
  • Print drivers having the feature of 2-way communication, tells the cause of the issue via driver or desktop notifications.
  • If nothing happens then turn off everything and restart the process.

Problem 5 Outdated technology

The system may get outdated with time and cause problems.


  • The only thing you can do in this situation is to replace it with new and updated printers.
  • The errors such as Brother printer mfc 7340 drum error can be very serious if it is outdated.

If you are facing the above problems related to Brother printer drum error, then you can solve the issues using the given solutions if the problem persists contact customer service to fix it.

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