Lexmark Printers are one of the widely used printers in the global market both for office and personal uses. They provide a vast range of printers which are custom configurable as well. But people face a common issue when it comes to Lexmark Printer Paper Jam.

The Lexmark Printer Paper Jam Problem is faced by many users at some point of time. You cannot print further if you have a Lexmark Printer Paper Jam in your Lexmark Printer which can be bad if an important project is to be completed.

Some common causes of Lexmark Printer Paper jams are:-

  1. Dirty or improper pick rollers in paper trays.
  2. Contaminated or damaged input sensor.
  3. The damaged surface on the bottom of the toner cartridge or the fuser input guide.
  4. Use of non-Lexmark toner causing the contamination of Lexmark Printer.
  5. Partially opened the rear door of the printer.
  6. Overfilling of the paper tray but filling sheet more than the filled mark.
  7. Low-quality paper or improper insertion of paper in the printer like inserting paper in landscape on the portrait paper tray.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Paper Jams:-

  1. Turn off you Lexmark Printer to avoid any electric shock or interaction with any moving parts which will cause damage.
  2. Remove the paper tray and cartridge assembly carefully and remove any jammed or damaged paper if any.
  3. Also, check for jammed or damaged papers in the front flap and rear cover of the printer.
  4. Clean the roller by alcohol swab or damp cloth and let them dry for at least two minutes.
  5. Reassemble the printer and run some test prints to make sure it’s working properly.

If there is Lexmark Printer Paper Jam but No Paper is found in the printer following steps can be followed:-

  1. Removing the power cord while the printer is on and inserting it back after a duration of approximately thirty minutes.
  2. Removing all the cartridges from the printer and inserting them again individually one at a time.
  3. Updating the drivers of the printer.
  4. And at last, if the problem still persists contact the concerned authorities.

Steps for Prevention of Lexmark Printer Paper Jam:-

  1. Use high-quality paper and correct size as mention.
  2. Use the Lexmark cartridge with Lexmark printers.
  3. Wipe the rubber rollers periodically
  4. Get your printer checked once in a month.

There are many good models of Lexmark Printers in the market that provide excellent value to their customers. Some of which are Lexmark platinum pro, Lexmark E460dw, E250, Pro 715, etc.

It’s is worth to note that Lexmark Ms310Dn Paper Jam occurs often during printing after a certain interval of time, so it is recommended to get it checked periodically and maintain it well. Same applies for Lexmark Ms810N Paper Jam too. So you could have to take an extra step in the maintenance of Lexmark Ms310Dn and Lexmark Ms810N. But once they are fully functional, the results are excellent.

All in all the printers are great, you could just get one of the best deals and print quality from these printers, but you have to properly maintain and follow the guidelines give in this article to keep your printer running for a long time.

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