The problem of Lexmark Printer Fuser Error is very common and occurs many times.  The fuser is a unit inside the printer which warms up and links the toner with the paper to print the text and images. The solution for a Lexmark Service Fuser Error relies on the error code that is displayed.

Some of the reasons for the cause of Fuser error In Lexmark Printer are as follows

  • Continual electric supply
  • Power strips
  • Fuser unit does not warm up
  • Installation of a wrong fuser unit.
  • Paper is stuck in the fuser unit.

Service Fuser Error Lexmark Printer is displayed when the fuser unit does not heat up as required. There are different codes available to solve this problem. Some of the error codes and their indications are listed below

  • 920, 921, 922: This code is displayed if the fuser unit has a very low temperature.
  • 923: This code is displayed if the fuser unit has a very high temperature than required.
  • 924: This code is displayed when a wrong version of the fuser unit is installed in the printer.

The solutions for the above errors are as follows:

  • Check your power supply and connection
  • Turn off the printer for a few minutes and restart again.
  • Check the version supported by the printer and install accordingly.

Lexmark 122.05 Service Fuser Error occurs when the printer has spotted a fault with the fuser unit. Sometimes a false 122.05 error is displayed due to electricity variations and other reasons.

Steps to be followed to fix 122.05 Fuser Error In Lexmark are as follows

Step 1: Turn Off the printer, wait for 1 minute and restart again. If the error message is not displayed, then go ahead and print a page for testing the printer.

Step 2: If the error message is displayed, then there is a fault with the fuser unit, and a service call is to be made. Contact Lexmark Support to fix the error.

Lexmark T430 Fuser Error can be fixed by following the steps given below

  1. Switch the power off. Open the printer and clean the fuser unit.
  2. Now restart the printer. If the error message is gone, try to print a page
  3. If the error message is still displayed, turn off the printer and do the following
  • Connect the printer to a different outlet to check the power supply.
  • The printer must be plugged directly into the outlet and not through any power strip.

If the problem still persists, then the fuser unit needs to be replaced. A service call is to be made to Lexmark Technical Support. The model type, serial number and error code should be mentioned.

A similar method can be used to fix Lexmark T640 Fuser Error. There is just one additional step. After the printer is powered off, open the printer tray and clear all the jammed papers if any. Clean the fuser unit to provide more friction during printing.

Some hints if your fuser unit is faulty:

  • Low-quality print is produced
  • The print quality is scratched and not clear.
  • Double images are produced
  • The text smudges and black lines are visible.

If any of the above situations occur, replace your fuser unit at the earliest.

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