Lexmark Error Code 1203 occurs when the All-in-One fails to communicate with the printhead or a short circuit in the cartridge is experienced. All-In-One (AIO) are the printers which provide all the facilities in one printer. They can print, fax, copy and are wireless in nature. The printhead is the component which sprays the ink on the paper in an inkjet printer. They have two nozzles to spray the ink over the paper.

If the problem happens right after the purchase of the product, in that case, contact the Lexmark technical support. In case the issue occurs after regular use of the concerned device, then follow the following steps to fix the issue.

Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Cartridge Error Code 1203

Step- 1: Switch the power off to remove the power supply from the printer. Wait for about a minute and switch on the device again. Now switch on the AIO (All-In-One).

If there are no error messages, then print a test page. If the test page prints fine, then the problem is solved. If not, or the error message still displays then move to the next step.

Step- 2: In case of bad print quality, try to clean the cartridge nozzles. Follow the following steps-

  • Go to Copy mode          
  • Tools option           
  • Maintenance option            
  • Clean Cartridges

Test print to see if the issue is fixed. In case the error message is displayed, move to the next step.

Step- 3: Now switch the power off and pull out the plug. Open the cover of AIO and pull out both the cartridges from the printer. Wait for about a minute to plug in the power supply.

If the message still displays, then there is some problem with the hardware. In case of any hardware related problem contact Lexmark technical support.

If the error messages changes to ‘cartridges missing’ then move to the next step.

Step- 4: Reinsert the cartridges, with the colour cartridge in the right and the black cartridge in the left carrier. If the error message still displays, then there is a defect in one of the cartridges. With one cartridge placed at a time, use the printer to find out the defective one. Then replace the defective cartridge with a brand new one.

Step – 5: If the error message doesn’t display test print a page. If the page prints fine, then the issue is fixed.

These steps can be carried out for Error Code 1203 On Lexmark Printer’sModels Lexmark X4270, Lexmark X5320 and Lexmark X5495.

Cartridge error code 1203 In Lexmark Printer

This can work for 1203 cartridge Error In Lexmark X8350 Printer. It occurs due to the presence of low ink in the cartridges or an overflowing cartridge. Check if there is ink on the cartridge holder. Change the faulty cartridge for a brand new one.

Take a clean cloth and a few drops of water. Dampen the cloth and clean the holder.

Make sure to dry the water on the holder before inserting the cartridge. Before printing use ‘align the Cartridge’ and ‘clean Cartridge’ a couple of times. Now test print a page, to see if the printer works fine. If not contact Lexmark Technical support.

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