How acquire information?

We, at, provide our users the different platforms to communicate and share their information such as the web-based platform and telephonic services as well as the information provided directly by the client through emails and other modes.

Personal Information

We need personal data when we need to identify in customers and to reach them in the time of need. To avail the services offered by, the customer must register and provide valid identifying information. You can register online where a certain section of personal information must be filled.

Payment Information

To pay for the services you used at we may ask your credit card credentials along with other information., like many companies, may use the third-party payment gateways to process the credentials of cards provided by you.

Use of Cookies website uses cookies and this is used very commonly in online banking, online stores, and other online services. These are actually a small text file that are sent to the user’s computers and is stored there.

Authority of Inspection

The registered users have been given the authority to inspect the processing and other things related to data and they can even request a copy.

Right to forbid the processing of the data

The customers have all the right to forbid the controller of the personal shared data from using it for different purpose of advertising, selling, marketing, getting opinions or for any other means.

Notification of changes has all the right to change the data of privacy policy anytime.

Correction and updating personal information

If any personal information shared with the company has changed, the customer has to update the company and change the data in the registered profile. Also, before the customer wishes to end the services, he/she must remove the data shared with the company.


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